Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesdays are sooooo quiet at my house....

Wednesdays are getting to be the quiet day at my house. On Wednesdays I often don't have all 3 of the girls as that is "internship day". I want all my kids to "intership" at a business each month to see how they operate. Emily has chosen to work at a branch of the Mid Contient Library (it took awhile for that to happen--supervisors had to approve and such...), and Elizabeth has chosen to work for Crain Vet Clinic in Grain Valley--my cousins Jerry and Robbie Espey are the vets there. They don't all go on the same Wednesday, but on opposite ones of each other. When the weather gets a little warmer, Rebecca will join them-but we haven't quite figured out where yet-but she wants something outside. I do have my eye on greenhouse/nursery nearby that is run by a semi retired couple who homeschooled all their children. When they open back up at the first of March, I will approach them about Rebecca working one Wednesday a month. That will give us 3 quiet Wednesdays a month. Something about having an odd number of children makes it noisier. I have noticed that when I have my neices and nephews (from either side of the family) here also--if one leaves, it is quiet again when we get back to an even number of kids.

Tonight Emily has a training session for an all night girl scout (non-sleeping)event coming up. So, when I go to town to pick her up from the library, I will be there until her training is out at 8:30. I think the twins and I will kill part of that time at the library, Walmart, and CVS.

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