Friday, January 16, 2009

Heat wave on the farm.

Yes, it is up to 22 degrees. Yesterday was not a good day. The night before one of stock tank heaters caught on fire. The yesterday it was so bitterly cold that the remaining heaters could not keep up and the one tank froze despite 2 heaters being in it.

Then the hydrant handle broke. JD got that fixed, but while he was working on that, the hose froze, so we had 1 frozen tank and one empty tank. Hopefully today we are back in business. The hose is now thawed out from being in the basement all night, the hydrant handle has been repaired, and Oreschleons replaced the heater that burst into flames the first time it was used.

We woke to about an inch of snow this morning, and a fine snow is still falling. It is very fine, you almost have to squint to see it.

I like winter, but not the cold. I think at least part of our animals agree with me. The rabbits have hay in their hutches, and are buried deep in it. During the winter we put their hutches in the barn to block the wind. Our old black Lab is mainly hanging around the barn in the haypile. Elizabeths calf likes to stay in a stall. Last night Elizabeth found our little beagle pup hiding in the basement. She is a outdoor dog, but she managed to sneak in at some point. Usually she sleeps in the barn in the hay where it is warm. But during the day she likes to dig in the snow. Some of the chickens stay in the coup and never leave, others go out like it is summer and a few even try to dust in the snow as if it were dirt.

At least it is nice and sunny out.

Maybe later the girls will make some snow candy.

I worked some in our downstairs pantry yesterday, and will hit it again. About another hour of work and I will be done.

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