Sunday, January 18, 2009

Missing my baby....

Emily (and my niece Molly) return tomorrow from their youth group winter retreat. They have been at camp since Saturday. I am anxious to see how it went for them, as this was their first time to this particular camp.

After church, the twins and I went to Walmart. Rebecca picked out her fabric for her quilt, and preshrunk it. We got a few squares cut out tonight. Elizabeth is ready to start cutting hers out as well. Since this is their first one, we are going for something simple--a 4 inch square pattern with 3 colors or patterns. Their goal is to make their quilts twin size, but since it is their first they may stop at a lap quilt size. We will see how it goes.

After they get some experience from this, they will start making quilt blocks for Girl Scouts. Their troop is made up of 12 girls. Each girl is to make twelve (one for each girl) blocks of twelve inches. Their block is to represent their personality. Then the troop will put them together and each girl will have their own quilt with their own twelve inch quilt block (square) in it, and one from each other troop member. I think that is a real cool idea and a good way for the girls to remember their troop. Most of the girls in the troop have grown up together, so it will hold a lot of meaning.

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