Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Icy out...

It has been snowing and sleeting off and on all day. It had been light, until around 4, then it started coming down harder. Roads are getting bad, so 4H for tonight is cancelled. They really need the practice, as it is for horse bowl and horse judging, but its not worth the risk. However, the girls got a Wii last night, and used it for the first time today, so they aren't too disappointed to stay home. If horse bowl and horse judging were a Wii game, Clinton County would probably have the highest ranking team.

I think the high today was 15? The girls brought in eggs while ago, and one was frozen. I am thinking of making up a big batch of egg noodles in a little while and maybe fixing chicken and noodles tomorrow night (don't tell my hens). JD said earlier today when the girls let the chickens out of the coop, they didn't do their usual scratching in the yard. Instead they ran 90 miles and hour straight to the barn to the hay, where it is warm. He said they would make good nascar chickens.... A leghorn was in the lead, followed by a Rhode island red and third was the rooster. As usual, the white duck follows up the rear.

In March, Orschelons will have their baby chicks and ducks. I am thinking of getting some more ducks, and a few guineas. Guieas are very good at eating pest bugs--such as ticks and misquotes. Before we get the garden put in, this year I want to fence in the chicken yard. Last year the chickens ate more pumpkins then we did. I'd rather fence in the garden, but then I would not be able to get the tractor in and out. So, when the garden comes to harvest, they will be confined to their new larger pen.

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