Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

What a present for the new year. The mail lady brought 6 flower and seed catalogues in the mail!! It is warmer than it has been, all the way up to 50 degrees today. Finally the wind gusts seem to have stopped as well. I am hoping for an early spring this year. In just 8 - 10 weeks I can start planting seeds here in the house to transplant outside.

I am still seeing some cardinals outside, the males are very pretty- a bright red. It seems strange seeing them without snow on the ground.

Later this afternoon, the girls and I are planning a trip to the library and to the store. We are going to a wedding tomorrow afternoon and need to get a present, although I may end up just giving cash. It is a very young couple and I am sure they could use the cash.

The concrete seems to have set well where I set the first post for our weather station. Later we have to put out a bale of hay, so I think while the tractor is out I will go ahead and drill the hole for the second post. The post hole digger is mounted on the rear of the tractor already to go. And, yes, I can drive the tractor. Actually we have 4 plus the lawn tractor. I drive or have driven all but one (it is in a stall waiting to be restored). JD has a "thing" about collecting John Deere tractors, well really, John Deere anything. I also operate a bobcat. No farm wife should be without a bobcat. You can do anything with a bobcat on the farm. I have pushed fence post in the ground with it, and pulled them out, dug for potatoes in the garden with it at the end of the season, moved hay, moved firewood, dug holes for trees and grape vines, filled holes, dug holes, moved heavy things, knocked over dead trees, moved brush, moved chicken coups (that was a fun one to do, let me tell ya)....makes it all much easier.

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