Monday, January 5, 2009

Library work & shopping trip

Today the girls and I spent a good part of the day working at the church library with one of the youth group leaders. The youth group took on the library as a project and is organizing, listing books, moving books and setting up a check out system. They have worked on it the last 2 Sunday nights and 5 of us hit it again today for about 6 hours. We are making some headway. We are finding a lot of good books and videos that have been hidden away behind other books. We are also moving it to a different location where it will be more visible, with the idea it will get more use. There are several hundred titles so far, and we still have another bookcase and many boxes to go.

After we finished at church, I headed to Walgreen's and CVS and did some shopping. Many people don't realize that at these 2 stores you can combine the store coupon out of their ad with the manufacturers coupon. If you then combine these 2 coupons with the sale price, each week you can get many items free. Walgreen's also has a free by rebate program each month (and now you can enter it online, instead of mailing in your receipts), and CVS has their bonus bucks program. Tonight I saved a total of $27 by combining coupons with sale items, and got free shampoos and toothpaste. I also got 3 rain checks for sale items that they were out of, and those items will be free after I use my coupons with them, and will also earn me more bonus bucks. I was pretty pleased with tonights trip. I have to go back to the city on Wed and Fri, so will go again to get more free shampoo and toothpaste to add to my stock up pantry in the basement. Tomorrow when the girls and I go to the library, I will also stop by Dollar General. They also have some items on sale that I have coupons for, and I should be able to walk out of there with paying $1 for around $7 worth of items.

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