Thursday, January 8, 2009

JD's new tractors....

Rebecca and I saw these at the grocery store. Since JD collects anything John Deere, including a barn of seemed fitting. The girls are hoping he will open the box soon and share with them.

The girls had most of their school work done by 2 pm today, which is rare, but nice. Most days we don't start till around 11, but today they started around 9. We went to the library for awhile this afternoon as the girls were wanting some computer time. All they offer in our area is dialup, so the library is a nice treat with its DSL.

Tomorrow we are planning to go to the farm in the morning and get a trailerfull, possibly two, of hay. Then in the afternoon, JD will be taking one of his EMT tests for the National Registery. While he is doing that, we will go pick up our Girl Scout cookies that the girls sold last November. We possibly may get some work down on the church library again as well--if anyone else is working there.

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