Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Weather station progress

This afternoon, the girls and I set the final post in the weather station. I also put the concrete in to set it. Ideally I was going to mount the rain gauge, but the batteries in the drill were dead (someone had unplugged the charger). So, weather permitting, I will mount the gauge tomorrow. Right now I am ahead in an auction on eBay for an aviation wind sock. It also will mount in the station along with a thermometer and some other instruments. After giving the concrete a few days to cure, I will dump a load of dirt in with the bobcat to fill up the tire some more. Probably in the spring we well put some flowers in their as well. Our weather station is mounted on posts set inside a large tractor tire. (Those tractor tires are around $600 a piece, so I am getting our money out of this old one...)

This morning we went to the library for a homeschool class. It was a painting class this week. A reporter from the KC paper was there taking pictures. He said it should be in either this week or next, we will wait and see.

The chickens are still laying again. However, our little beagle has suddenly discovered them and is chasing them. Each time we catch her she is getting scolded and put into an empty rabbit hutch for 30 minutes hour. (How demeaning is that? A rabbit dog in a hutch for punishment.) Since she is a puppy, I am hoping she grows out of this soon. It is funny to watch our old black Lab bark at her when she does it, it is as if he is scolding her. Sometimes I think he is grinning at her when she is inside the hutch.

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