Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fire by the barn!!

It is cold on the farm. It has been below freezing for several days, so all the tanks and waterers have heaters in them. Or did. Last night one of them burst into flames and caught on fire. It was a brand new stocktank water heater, that is the worst of it. If I can find the receipt, I am going to try and take it back to Orscheleons and get a new one in a few minutes. Luckly when it caught on fire, the girls and JD were in the barn and were able to put it out. That is the second fire we have had in less than a year. The first one was in the chicken coup. (Proof that chickens are dumb--they all ran INTO the buring coup..)

This is the time of the year when the girls and I really do not enjoy farming. The water hoses freeze, and we have to watch the tanks. For some reason the cows and horses delight in pulling their heaters out of the tanks. The rabbits water bottles have to be switched out several times a day with thawed ones. Eggs have to be gathered several times a day or they will be frozen.

Emily enjoyed her internship yesterday at the library. This afternoon she will also be helping with the Discovery Club class. She got to check in and out books and pack and unpack books for library to library loan. Now she is talking of being a library page when she turns 16.

Later today, I need to work in the basement pantry. After my last Aldi trip, the girls put the cases of canned goods away, and some of them are not in the right places. I also need to make sure items got rotated out. The girls are pretty good at doing that, but I still like to double check.


April said...

I found the receipt for the tank heater and called Orscheleons. They said bring it back and they will give us another. So, I am off to town!

Anonymous said...

Wow. You are lucky someone was there and you didn't loose the barn.