Friday, January 9, 2009

It could have gone better.

It was one of those days...

Our plan for today (well,actually it started out as yesterdays plan, but got moved to today) was to go over to our other farm and get a load or two of hay (big bales). First we had loading issues, then, while on our way home, we lost the two rear bales. One was on top and the other was a bottom bale. (They were stacked 2 high on the trailer). I was driving the truck with Emily and Elizabeth, pulling the trailer while JD and Rebecca were following in the tractor with 2 more bales on the front and rear bale spikes. Suddenly the trailer jerked, felt a little lighter and I just caught the security strap slide off with the last bale. That no sooner happened then Rebecca's voice came over the radio ("Mom, did you know you lost some hay?")Duh.

The bad new was, we were on a county road and at an intersection. The good news was, it was a straight a way and there were no deep ditches for the bales to be lost in. (Currently they are selling for around $45 a bale in our area). It was a bear to reload as the school buses kept going buy, and for a very quiet county road, we suddenly seemed to get a lot of traffic. Traffic out of no where with nothing better to do than to come and watch us reload.... But, could have been much worse, or in a bad place in the road, or have hit a vehicle. And now, our horses and cows, rabbits, ducks, chickens....have a stockpile of food. Our farm is warm and snug again.

Only homeschoolers could have so much fun at school....

I did notice while were were there, that the iris bulbs are trying to come up. Some are as high as 4-6 inches. I am afraid though that tomorrows and future freezes could kill them for the year.

That scenario however, caused us to miss our girl scout cookie pickup, which was from 4-5, so we have to get them tomorrow or Sunday now.

Then, it appears the bidder on one of my eBay items retracted their bid....but, I did get the windsock off of eBay, for $2 less than the buy it now price. So, the gamble to auction instead of buy it now paid off.

This afternoon it was in the 60's. Now it is in the 40's with a very gusty wind (thankfully it wasn't windy when we were loading and unloading hay). Tomorrow it could be in the 20's and they are predicting snow and possibly some ice. We will most likely have to go back to using the stock tanks for watering the cattle tomorrow.

Tomorrow the twins have a JBQ tournament in Kansas City. Emily and I are timekeepers. This will be a bittersweet meet as it will be our first monthly meet since there leader, Mrs Linda McDowell passed away unexpectedly. She had led the teams for years. But, she would want the kids to go on, so that is what we are doing.

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