Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day of Science

The twins have been working on a badge for Girl Scouts, "Science and Technology". They have been working on it off & on for days, and most of today. They have worked with a pulley and weights, batteries and lights, robotics and more. The came as a "badge in a box". Its a box that has everything in it to do this badge, and the box goes from troop to troop. It has been kind of interesting. Girl Scout rules state you can't use a school project for scouts....but, Mamma's homeschool rules don't state you can't use a Girl Scout project for a science grade... So, I am counting the time they have been working on it towards their science hours.

We got the rain gauge and a thermometer mounted in the weather station today. I am still the leading bidder on eBay for a windsock, but have 2 more days till that auction ends. The windsock will mount on a piece of conduit that will attach to one of the wooden poles. My idea is that the windsock will be about 10-12 feet off the ground. It needs to be high enough to not interfere with the instruments below it.

I sold a pair of outgrown snow boots on ebay yesterday, and shipped them off today. I also listed an identical pair yesterday. My goal for the year was to try and list one thing a month (I am starting out small), and so far I have done two.


Janis said...

I followed you from Noelle's blog. :) I have two little girls that I am considering homeschooling so always love to see other that are and hear how they handle it all.

Looking forward to getting to know you more.


April said...

Welcome and good luck!

I have learned the key is to be flexible. We may start off studying one thing, but end up getting sidetracked and going to a different subject--but, we are still learning, and can go back and pick up our orginal study later.

I have been told by many seasoned homeschool parents that year 3 is where it all really falls into place. We are in year 2, and I am seeing improvement from last year, so I am excited to see what next year will bring.