Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm ready for Spring

I am tired of the cold weather and mother natures tricks. Once again we had weather in the 60's, followed by a day like today--cold and very windy. All day today I have had trouble feeling warm, even though I have several layers on. I just hope I am not coming down with something, I don't have time to get sick!

Today the girls and I slept in. Tonight we will stay up most of the night watching videos so we can sleep tomorrow. Saturday night we have an all night Girl Scout Owl Prowl. Owl Prowl is a non sleeping event, so we are gearing up so we can stay awake and enjoy it. The hardest part will be staying awake for church after Owl Prowl, and driving back home! I have children's church on Sunday, so I am sure the kids will keep me awake. But, I do plan on sneaking a mountain dew in...

Yesterday the I took the girls to the library in Liberty for a homeschooling class. It was an art class about Paul Klee. Emily has been helping with the class as Miss Susie's assistant.

This afternoon we worked on math, and health. Tonight we have some science and history videos to watch, and we will probably also watch a movie or two, and maybe cut more squares for the girls quilts.

Yesterday JD went and bought 20 foot of iron pipe to mount the windsock on for our weather station. We had planned on working on that this afternoon, but the weather was just to cold and windy. He says if I can have a windsock, he should be able to have a helicopter....... Maybe I can find him a toy one somewhere. Several years ago there was an auction on eBay of a John Deere helicopter. It sold for around $90,000. It was right before we got married, and he was convinced that I should get that for his wedding present. Needless to say, I was not convinced, so he didn't get it. He has never let me forget that. Anyway, JD has been studying up on windsocks. You can tell the speed as well as the direction of the wind by the angle the windsock is at. I knew it told the direction, but I was not aware there are charts on the wind speeds as well.

This semester I am teaching a class on American Presidents. I worked on my lesson plans today. There are a lot of interesting little facts that most people don't know about the presidents. Also a lot of untruths and myths. For example, George Washingtons false teeth were not wood, they were ivory and had real teeth wired into them--teeth from donkies, humans and horses. He did not chop down his fathers cherry tree--his father had no cherry trees. Did you know he was a redhead in his younger days? He helped design the White House, but never lived in it. He was the first president to be elected unanimously and was inaugurated in both Philadephia and New York. Do you know why some records say he was born on Feb 11 and others say Feb 22? And, both dates are technically correct??


Anonymous said...

Mountain dew is how I get through the day.
Also, the answer to your quetion is the calendar used has changed to the georgian. Thus, same day different recorded date! Imagine the theme song for "Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader" playing in the background...


April said...

Correct. The eastern United States (which at the time was considered under Britian) adapted the gregorian calander in 1752 (although some areas were using it as early as 1582), which was after Georges birth but before his death.
Sept 2, 1752 was followed by Sept 14, 1752. This prompted riots amoung the people demanding their eleven days to be returned.
Russia was among the last to adopt it in 1918.
Many people doing genelogy don't realize this and think they have errors in their tree, when in fact they do not.