Friday, January 16, 2009

Fantastic Caverns Homeschool Days-Southern MO

Dear Home School Educator,

For many years, the Fantastic Caverns Science Research Program has offered special tours and educational materials to area schools. In the past, we have offered special group rates to schools when they had a minimum of 20 participants. This requirement does not meet the needs of most home schools in our region and we would like to change that.

February 1-14, 2009, will be Home School Days at Fantastic Caverns. We will offer our school group rates for the educational cave tour to area home school groups regardless of the number attending. These rates are $6.00 for children age 12 and under (discounted from $13.50) and $15.50 for age 13 and above (discounted from $21.50).

The all riding tour addresses geology, history, cave life, karst and groundwater. The trip through the cave takes about 55 minutes and is available from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM daily. While we do not require a deposit, we do anticipate high demand for the tour. Please call or e-mail with your plans so we will be certain to have enough staff to serve you.

A free study guide, “Living in Cave Country”, and the cave-related magazine Ozark Adventure, is available at to assist your teaching efforts.

Our hope is that this time period of special rate availability will allow you to incorporate more learning opportunities into your curriculum. This is a time of year when we have available staff to devote to our educational programs and the cave is a Warm 60°, no matter how cold it is outside!

If you have questions or would like to call for reservations, you may contact us at:
(417) 833-2010.

Thank you very much,
Kirk Hansen
Fantastic Caverns
Science Research Program

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