Sunday, January 25, 2009

Owl Prowl and a coyote in my trash barrel

Saturday night was "Owl Prowl" for all the north KC and surrounding area Girl Scouts. The name serves it well, as you basically stay up all night and prowl like an owl.

This was our first time attending the annual event, and we absolutely loved it. It was held at a city middle school, which is connected to the community center by a hallway. That gave the girls access to 2 gyms and an indoor pool. Girls rotated from station to station learning about other countries, making crafts, playing games, making friends, eating food...They made friendship bracelets, origami, did face painting, several bead activities and more. Just a few more things to do and they will have earned another badge. They learned about several countries and continents. It was a very well attended and well organized event. I would highly recommend it to any Girl Scout in the area.

On the way home, it began to snow. The further north we got the heavier it came down and as soon as we crossed the county line it turned into sleet. We took a 3 hour nap (well, I tried to nap-I had so much mountain dew in me by that time I couldn't sleep) then got up and headed back for Sunday School and church. More sleet had gathered and we were slow going for the first 17 miles or so, then it gradually turned back into snow and then nothing. By the time we got to church there was almost nothing on the ground. There always seems to be an line that we are always just north of. Usually we get it a little harder.

Yesterday morning, I looked out the upstairs office window to see a coyote (aka devil dog) in the trash barrel. Usually they don't cross the back pasture fence, but this one didn't seem to care. I didn't let my birds out of the coop and pen yesterday as a result, as I didn't want him to be thinking he could be visiting to be served chicken. I complained to JD about him and he reminded me that I knew where the guns were at....So, next time I will shoot, providing no horses, cows, kids...are near. Lately my birds have been venturing further into the back pasture to scratch (one even tries to lay in the horses hay bale), into coyote territory so I am afraid when it gets warmer we may loose a few. The next pasture over has lamas and no coyotes, so maybe we need to put a lama in this pasture. A lama will kick and fight a coyote and kill it, so usually coyotes just avoid areas with lamas.

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