Monday, January 12, 2009

Busy Saturday & Sunday, Slow Monday

Our big news is that Rebecca was on the front page of the Liberty Section of the Kansas City paper on Friday. (You have to live in Liberty to get that edition of the paper, so we even missed it, as we don't live in Liberty.) A reporter had come to the library during the Discover Club class last week and took some pictures, including ones of her. They came out very good and she is rather proud of herself. Discovery club is a weekly class for homeschoolers at the public library. This area of Missouri has so many homeschoolers that some libraries repeat their classes 2-4 times a week so that all the kids can attend.

Saturday the girls and I went to Sheffield Church in Kansas City for JBQ. Emily and I were both judges, but in different levels. Rebecca and Elizabeth are on the same team and they quizzed. They are on their former school team, from Centerview MO, Johnson County Christian Academy. They were grandfather in on their old team when we moved here, as there was no JBQ team on the Christian School we went to for the first year we were living here. (JBQ is Junior Bible Quiz-similar to Bible Bowl).
Elizabeth and Rebecca were both called up front to be recognized for receiving their first seal. A seal is an award that they get for testing and answering a certain number of JBQ questions correctly.

After JBQ, we headed home and stopped in Liberty at Aldis. Aldi used to be my favorite store, but lately I have noticed their prices have gone up, but then again so have they all. Still, there are some products that are cheaper to get there by the case then elsewhere. I bought a case of mushrooms, chili beans, red beans, koolaide mix, cereal, green beans, corn, peaches, and pears. After I got home I realized I forgot to get a case of olives. I generally buy everything by the case at Aldi. That way it lasts for several months. I go about every 2 months, and get a different set of case items each trip. If you are not familiar with Aldi, it is a "stock up store". Prices are cheaper, you sack your own groceries, and they only take cash or debit and no coupons. Most items are their own brand, but they do carry some name brand items as well. They have very good produce, and it is much cheaper than that at a regular grocery store. Also, you need to take your own bags and a quarter to get a grocery cart, but, once you return the cart, you get your quarter back.

Sunday after church the girls delivered some of their Girl Scout cookies. It was our first Sunday in awhile that everyone was home. Lately it seems one of the girls has been gone or JD has been working. Next Sunday Emily will be gone as she is going on a youth retreat with the youth group.

Then Sunday afternoon the youth group helped one of our church families move. Last month a tree fell on and into their house and their insurance company moved them into a rental house. The tree came all the way through the roof and attic and into the living areas.

Sunday night, the youth group continued their project of revamping the church library. Emily helped enter the books into the computer. I had been doing it, but had a committee meeting during the same time frame.

Today we took it easy. We did the chores, math and spelling. Emily made two pineapple upside down cakes. (For math we use Saxon)

I finally got my coupon book reorganized. The little coupon folders just don't work for me as they only have 12 pockets and I need about 40. So, I made my own. I used a 3 ring binder and photo refill sheets. Then in the back I have larger plastic protector sheets to put the weekly sale ads in so that I can match up my coupons. I mainly use my coupons at CVS, Dollar General and Walgreen. By using coupons on sale items, I often get our dental and hair products, as well as deodorants for free. But, this doesn't work as well if you are brand loyal. I am loyal only to the brand on sale.

Here is a picture of Emily entering the books, and my coupon book. I did not make the quilt the coupon book is on. The quilt came from Shipshewanna, Indiana, an Amish town in La Grange County. It is an awesome place to visit or vacation. You can camp in Shipehewanna or nearby Howe, Indiana. Shipshewanna rolls up the streets about 8 p.m. During the summers, on Tuesdays they have a huge flea market--several thousand booths. If you go, wear your walking shoes. If you want a good meal, go to the Blue Gate Restaurant. You won't find fast food there. Also, don't plan on driving fast. There are more buggys on the road than cars (except for Tuesdays).

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