Sunday, February 26, 2012

Seeds started

I started my garden today--inside with seeds.  I have 25 beefsteak tomatoes, 25 cherry tomatoes, 25 green bell pepper plants, 25 hot pepper plants (for the husband and a couple of daughters who like hot stuff), and a few garlic cloves.

Outside some garlic is trying to come up from last year, but I do wish it would hold off awhile longer.

I use the planting guide on to know when to plant what, but I don't order my seeds from them.

I also went on ebay and bought 25 strawberry plants.  They should arrive in about 10 days.

Last week, I got a little portable greenhouse, which I set up in the dining room.  It seemed to be the best location as it has a south window, and since we spend a good amount of time there, I will be able to keep an eye on the plants and remember to water them.   I have my jiffy trays in there (although one seems to be I am using its top as a second tray).  Since the greenhouse is a greenhouse, I won't need to have the lids on the trays this year.

You can make a greenhouse out of about anything--store bought cake/pie pans with the clear plastic lids are great.

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