Friday, February 3, 2012

Science Fair tonight

Tonight is the area homeschoolers science fair.  Even though we have known about it for 12 months, and been working on it for months, we have the last minute scramble going on.

One is taking her fossil collection and a board about fossils.  Many of the fossils in her collections are ones that she, I and her sisters dug while in Utah several years ago.  We stopped at a place I saw on a TV vacation channel called u dig fossils.  We have sent several other homeschooling families their direction as well.  Other information she researched, including info from Matt Miles at Creation Truth.  Matt came as missionary to church camp last year, brought lots of fossils and other interesting items.

Another is taking her rockets--both those she has bought in kit form, and the ones she has made from odds and ends around the house.  Yes, they really do fly, and all but one came back to earth.  (Really we were expecting a phone call from NASA regarding the one that didn't come back.  It was her largest and fastest.  It went up, up, up, no wind, should have come back down fairly close to where it went up from.  It didn't).  The rockets she builds are from Estes.

I notice every year when I mention the science fair on my blog, I get tons of hits.  I presume people are looking for science fair ideas.  Here are a few we have done, or have seen at various science fairs....

growing bacteria in petri dishes, by collecting the bacteria from family and pets and various surfaces; rockets; how airplanes fly; fossil collection; parts of a plant; plants grown in light vs plants grown in dark; objects (small clocks or LED lights that run off of home made batteries, such as lemon, oranges, potato, vinegar, pickle,  juice...); growing mold on various foods and various tempatures; comparing the weight of mice that started out the same, but one was fed good food and had an exercise wheel, while the other was fed junk food with no exercise wheel;  jaw bones of various animals with the teeth intact and identified, to show how meat eating animals differ from those that don't eat meat; home made engines that run off of rubbing alcohol; leaf rubbings and collections-all classified; models of the earth and planets

You can also visit lots of unline sites for ideas,

And, visit your local library.  There are numerous books out there on the subject of science fairs.

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