Sunday, December 9, 2018

George H W Bush

A friend of mine shared a site with me.  It contains an article written by a licensed mental health counselor and a mom.  She mentions in it how often the Bush family commented on how the former president treated and loved his wife, Barbara.  It is something we often don't see in families any more.

It is a very good article.  You can click here to find it to read.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

She Only Wanted a Chicken Hammock

Sunday we did not let the chickens out.  While the ducks love the snow, the chickens would rather it go away.  Yesterday they were out for a short time.  This morning I let them out for the day.  A few stayed out and a couple went back into the much warmer coop.

Tonight I went out to lock up their coop.  We still have not managed to trap the possum, so I have to check the coop first to make sure it has not gotten back into the coop again.  No possum in the coop, but I was one hen short.  I could hear her, but could not find her.  Then I spotted her.

Our poultry pen is covered with poultry netting.  Somehow, she managed to get out of the pen (I suspect she followed me walking out this morning and I didn't notice).  She evidently tried to fly back into the pen, which she could not do, due to the netting on the top.   So, she was settled in on top the netting, with her legs through it, like it was a hammock.  I have no idea how long she has been there, but she wasn't there when I was last out around 3pm, so at the most she was up there less than 3 hours.  Needless to say, she was glad to see me.

I have been pleased with this net so far.  However, the hen, probably is not too pleased with it.  The snow did not weigh it down, the snow went right through it.  When the weather clears up some, I will need to tighten it up in the area where she came down.

Winter Storm

Sunday morning it starting raining.  Rain that quickly turned to sleet.  The sleet quickly turned to snow.  Schools canceled for Monday and today (Tuesday).  Some are already cancelling for tomorrow as well.  All day Sunday we had high winds.  Poles broke, power lines were down and roads drifted shut as soon as they were cleared.  Parts of Missouri and Kansas were closed.  I 70, I 29, 291...Kansas City alone had close to 400 accidents.  Many were stranded, trying to get home from Thanksgiving travels.

Here are a few pictures around the farm taken after it was safe to venture out.

Our newest little girl, born a couple of days before the storm.  Her name is Lucy.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Possum Wrangling.

Tonight, we went possum wrangling.  Something has gotten 5 of my chickens.  I could not figure out what is was, but was pretty sure it was either a racoon or a possum.  We have a large poultry pen, fully fenced with a 7 foot fence all the way around it, and covered in poultry netting.  So, I knew it wasn't a hawk or owl.  And, snakes are hibernating this time of year (are at least are supposed to be, but with the luck we have around here, who knows......)

Tonight, we found out what the predator is.

I have a hook I was needing the husband to hang for me in the chicken coop, so I could hang their feeder.  They kept spilling it where it was, or the ducks would come into the chicken coop and get into it.  As he was hanging the hook, I decided to count the chickens before I locked them in for the night.  I started counting, "1, 2, 3, 4"  then my counting changed to screaming, "that's not a chicken, that's not a chicken".  Husband looks over and gives a nice slow "nope".  Curled up in a nesting box, acting like he belonged there, between 2 hens, was a fat possum.

I went and got a pitch fork, and  got him out of the nesting box and he ran behind a bale of straw.  From there he ran out the people door of the coop and outside and under the duck house.  So, basically he got away.

But tomorrow, I will set traps and catch him.  I will win this battle.

I am sure there are most likely more than one.  And, I will need to figure out how to catch possums in the traps and not cats, chickens and ducks.  Most likely cat will have to sleep in the garage, and I will have to lock up the chickens first.  The ducks rarely use their house-they prefer to sleep in the pen, so hopefully no ducks will get trapped. If I can find where he got into the pen, I can set the trap on the outside and try there.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Missouri Voters Guide McCaskill vs Hawley

Meal Planning

How does a busy family keep supper meals organized?  I am sure there are many methods but this is the one that has worked for our family for quite a few years.

It is simple to do, and has many advantages:
#1 You can start with what you have in your pantry and know what you need to purchase to fill in for the week.
#2 No wondering what do I fix tonight?  You will already have it planned and what you need for it.
#3 No one asking "Mom, whats for dinner?"
#4 The first one home can start planning.
#5 You can cycle your food so that you use up leftovers, such as I am doing this week with the chili on Sunday and chili dogs on Tuesday.

It requires space--either a cabinet, table, counter or what I use is a bakers rack.

You will need one tub for each day of the week, and some index cards.

On the tubs, label each one with a different day of the week.

On the index cards, put your meal or recipe.  You may want to laminate them, or leave as is.  I have them both ways.

Set them up in order.

Now, put your non perishable ingredients into the tubs on the night you want to prepare and eat them.  My Sunday tub is holding chili beans, tomatoes, tomato sauce, angel food cake mix and a can of fruit.  Monday is grilled cheese and tomato soup and blueberry muffins.  Tuesdays card reads chili dogs (to finish up Sundays chili).  Nothing is in the tub (except for the index card reading chili dogs, and a can of corn) as the hotdogs are perishable and I have not made the buns yet.  Wednesdays card says biscuits and gravy and apple crisp, bacon and eggs.  Thursdays need to be changed to a card that reads pizza hut, Fridays is set up for home made chicken and rice soup with apple sauce, and Saturdays for tuna casserole.

So, simple.  What your are eating that doesn't have to be refrigerated goes into the tub.  You can even put a card in the Tuesdays tub that says to take the meat for the Wednesday supper out of the freezer and put in the fridge to thaw.

Friday, September 28, 2018

New information

Edit:  After this was posted, Leslea was found deceased.  The vehicle she was in had gone down a deep ravine in Arkansas.  Please say a prayer for the family-her mom, and daughters.

My friends niece is still missing.  However, there are some new leads=they know no who she may be with and the vehicle.  Possibly in Arkansas.   So, here is the Highway Patrol updated poster.  Please share this to any friends and family you may have in Arkansas or further south.  They believe she is either there against her will, or possibly they went off the road or got into an accident.

Monday, September 24, 2018

A friend of mine has a missing niece Leslea Sueanne Shannon

Edit:  After this was posted, Leslea was found deceased.  The vehicle she was in had gone down a deep ravine in Arkansas.  Please say a prayer for the family-her mom, and daughters.

Please check this poster out.  If you have seen her, or know anything, please call the number on the poster.  She is the niece of a friend of mine.  This is not in her character to disappear like this.  She has children and family who love her and are very worried.  She disappeared from the Warrensburg Missouri area.  They think she was possibly shopping for a car.  She may have disappeared during a test drive.  One person thought they saw her in Sedalia at Walmart, but when looking at security footage, they could not spot her.  Other possibilities may be Branson or Arkansas per some possible tips that have not panned out.

Please, if you know anything about the whereabouts of Leslea Sueanne Shannon please call one of the numbers on the poster  660 747-9133 which is the Warrensburg Police Department or the Missouri Highway Patrol at 800-877-3452.  Or, if you spot her, call your local 911.

also see

Saturday, July 14, 2018


If people would just spend half of the amount of their time praying for the president as they do complaining about him on social media......