Saturday, January 10, 2015

Coupon Winners

The coupon winners are:


The coupon company is sending their coupons out directly!

We may do another in the future!

Thank you

Friday, January 2, 2015

Coupon Giveaway

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Monday, December 29, 2014

2015 Money Saving Guide (Goal)

Every year I post this....So, here it is again....

It can be started at any time, but as most people make New Year's resolutions this time of the year, here it is again.

I should do this every year, but I'll admit, I don't.  A few years I have done double on this, by adding in some babysitting money.  On those years, this paid for our winter propane, Christmas and towards the year end taxes.  On the years I have not done this,....well, come December I wish I had....

I have had people tell me that they can not afford to do this.  If you truly can't, then just do what you can do.  

I have also had women from 2 income families tell me that they do this and also their husbands do it.  So by year end, they have double the amount.  One told me she and her husband make a contest of it to see who can save the most. 

I don't do mine in this order.  I put my November and December months during the spring time--April, May and early June, because that is when we don't have any A/C or heat bills. In November and December we have the propane bills, Thanksgiving and Christmas (gifts and a slightly higher food bill).  So, for us, this rearrangement of the schedule works.  I also put my "found money" in as well.  We have one grocery store where I always find at least 10 cents on the ground in the parking lot, several times I have found bills, and once I even found a twenty dollar bill.

If you think you can't afford it, look at what you can cut.  What about that morning coffee you get on the way to work (make it at home)??  Or a magazine subscription that you take but don't read (read it for free at the library),  or that pack of cigarettes, or that junk food??

One year in March a woman wrote in and told me she could only afford to do this by giving up her vending machine habit at work.  By March, she had already lost 8 lbs (she went walking on her breaks instead of buying a soda and candy bar) but had saved $122 thus far.  Her method was a little different.  In the early months she was putting what she would have eaten out of the machine at work into a jar.  By the end of March, she had $122 in there.  In November she told me she was still saving and losing weight and her doctor had removed her off of some of her medications as a result of the weight she had lost.  So, she was taking that money (saved from her prescription co-pay) and adding that to her money jar as well. 

Many banks require you to have a specific amount before you can open an account.  Others don't.  So shop around.  I put ours into an old money market account.  If I need to get it out, I do.  But with it in an account other than what I carry a checkbook for, I'm not going to spend it.

Dep amount
Dep amount

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I found these while going through the Christmas decorations.  The younger set of twins did these when they were 3, in 2001. They are now 16.

This one, was done by Elizabeth.  I like the Angel flying overhead.

This one, was done by Rebecca.  She labeled hers so there would be no doubt as to who was Jesus and who was Mary.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Another favorite tool of mine

I was asked to share some of the antique tools that I use around the house.  So, I am starting with the kitchen.

Not sure if this actually qualifies as an antique or not....but, this oldie (from the 50's) gets used daily.  Often several times a day.  Its an old fashioned chopper. No electric needed, just some muscle.  I use it for olives, onions, nuts, peppers...about anything.

 I can use this, wash it and have it put back away in the amount of time it takes me to get out the electric food processor or the kitchen aid.

How to Carve a Turkey


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Why do these things ONLY HAPPEN TO ME? Gate was open...everything ( livestock wise) was at the neighbors. As soon as the cows heard the diesel motor they came running back to the correct pasture. 

Not the horses. After running our horses back in, and closing the gate....I discover that our new neighbors also have 2 brown horses and a black horse, just as we do. Upon closer inspection....2 of the 3 horses I have are the wrong ones. I open the gate again, and after some time, manage to get the correct horses....Then I close the gate. Before I am even back in the truck....they are jumping the fence to play with the new horses...(actually, I think they are arguing over who the alpha is). So again, I sort horses and get them back. Then, over the fence comes the neighbors black horse. I moved the truck closer to him and he jumped back where he was supposed to be. I'll give it 15 minutes and they will be in the wrong pastures again. 

And, thank you Bandit for teaching the other 5 horses how to open the gate, which will now need to be wired shut. 

The weird thing, throughout the entire rodeo...birds were riding on some of the horses backs......

On the positive side, I have 4 cows who are definitely pregnant.

My head and chest cold/sinus infection is on the upswing, but chasing these guys down, as me back coughing again.

Notice this only happens when I am the only one home, or when the husband is on nights and sleeping or out of town.  Murphys law.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

When the power goes out....

My neighbors get to go out to eat, or even stay in a hotel when the power goes out...Not us.

I have mentioned it on here several times before that we can go off grid, and keep on going (our biggest hangups right now are the fridge, freezer, and during the winter months keeping the stock tank from freezing).  Our kitchen is pretty much business as usual.  I can cook on my 1941 beauty, which requires no electric whatsoever.  (According to her manufacturing plate, she rolled off the factory floor just 3 weeks before the attack on Pearl Harbor)

 I also have a version of the "early kitchen aid".  And, I use it every few weeks or so.  (actually I have probably 3 or 4 of these around).

Yep, its an old hand crack cast iron food and meat grinder.  Here it is getting a workout grinding up boiled chicken breast.  It seems to do better with chicken than my Kitchen Aid does--one blade will shred it, while the other makes the pieces smaller, which is good for chicken salad.

My kitchen contains more antiques I think, than modern items.  And I use a good deal of them, unless they contain lead or are made of uncoated galvanized metal.

This grinder normally is attached on the right side of my husbands McDougall cabinet.  (It was taken off to be washed when this picture was taken).  A McDougall cabinet is very similar to a Hoosier cabinet, and both were made in Indiana back in the 1800's .  This one has a flour bin and a sugar bin, and all the glass for the bins and spices are still intact (which is not the norm for most older kitchen cabinets)

This cabinet also holds all my dehydrated foods from the garden--including onions, peppers, mint, beans and tomatoes.  Notice none are stored in plastic.  I am trying to avoid plastic for our food storage when possible, due to the chemicals that often leach out of plastics-especially when they store acidic foods.   Another note about dehydrated foods--one large wagon-full of onions dehydrated down to 4 quarts.   I re-hydrate them by soaking in water about 30 minutes before use-or if in a crockpot or slow cooking item, I just throw them in from the jar.

As for the fridge and freezers and stock tank...I have been keeping an eye out for a used propane run fridge and freezer (used in RV's and also by the Amish) and also for a propane or solar heated stock tank.  It is hard to find either one of them used, but one day hopefully one will turn up.  The fridge and freezer probably would not be used unless a power outage occurs, then we could move food over  to it if need be.

Friday, November 7, 2014

New Research that Women Need to Know

The latest research studies now prove that the socks that disappear in the washer and dryer during laundry day, actually turn into Tupperware lids that fit no Tupperware containers in your kitchen.
That explains a lot.