MO Homeschool Coops and Support Groups (most are Christian based)

Send me your information for your Missouri Homeschool Coop, and I will put it on here!  Please don't forget your contact information and keep me updated should any of the information ever change.  Also, if you are on facebook, there are LOTS of homeschool groups on facebook.

Arnold MO
A.R.C.H.E.   Arnold Region Christian Home Educators  They represent families from Jefferson County and the surrounding areas. The purpose of A.R.C.H.E. is to support Christian parents who are or will be educating their children at home.

What A.R.C.H.E. offers:
  • Two semesters of workshops
  • Family Fall Festival and Christmas Party
  • Field Trips
  • Project Fair
  • Curriculum Sale
  • Back to School Picnic and End of School Year Picnic
  • Recognition Ceremony - Kindergarten, 8th and 12th Grade Graduation
  • Crafts Days
  • Teen Night Out
  • Girls and Boys clubs from 8 &up
  • Reading Incentives
  • And so much more 
If you are interested in becoming a member of A.R.C.H.E., check out their website and email

Holt MO and surrounding areas
Holt MO is just a few minutes north of Liberty on 33 hwy, just off of I=35.

Northern Hills Christian Academy is offering homeschool families the opportunity to be involved in our school.  For a small monthly fee your child/children can participate in any of our Elective classes at any age.

Available classes are:  Art, Music, Computers, P.E.

The cost is:

1 class   $80   meets once a week for a total of 4 classes per month
2 classes  $150
3 classes   $220
A 1/3 discount will be applied to additional chidren.
To receive more information, please call the office at 816 320-3204.  

****************************************************Also in Holt, meeting at the Christian School on 33 hwy is New Life Homeschool Fellowship (NLHF).  Classes are on Tuesdays and Thursday afternoons, for all school ages.  You can attend one day or both.  
"We are Parent led and Parent run meaning we do it all ourselves without $ compensation J.  We have focused to keep the co-op all about things that are difficult to do at home and/or just a lot more fun with others around! We also strive to keep things as “hands-on” as possible.

Over the years we have had many very creative classes and hope to be able to offer many more.  This of course always is dependent on what our parents bring us! We can’t be sure what classes will be next until we set up the session so it can be quite fun!

We are now partnering with Northern Hills Christian Academy. We will meet in their building on 33 Hwy just north of Kearney.  It’s actually a Holt address.  They have students enrolled preschool through 8th grade.   We (NLHF)  don’t “grade level” in quite the same way since we use the classical division of students. (Pre-grammar, early grammar, Middle Grammar and Rhetoric leveling) We will run our classes during NHCA’s afternoon class schedules on Tues and Thurs afternoons. They may or may not join with us in some of our classes and as an added bonus, we may be able to participate in some of their classes if there is room for nominal fees (outside of our co-op costs).  

We offer history, choir, Concert Band, science, computers, speech, drama, spanish, science lab and more.

We will be able to participate in many of their school activities such as field trips and perhaps even parties and etc!  One great big opportunity is SPORTS!  

We aim for about $50 per family per session of classes and (up to) $10 per class hour.  (note: band will have outside costs of book and of course your instrument that will be higher than this  amount)

 This is my coop, so leave me a message if you want more info.

Jefferson County (and surrounding areas) MO
Arnold Region Christian Home Educators (A.R.C.H.E.).

Kansas City MO

Eagles' Wings will be meeting at Northland Baptist Church, 7101 NW Waukomis Drive, Kansas City, MO 64151 Please do not contact the church regarding Eagles' Wings.

Questions? Contact :

Eagles Wings co-op will be open for registration on April 20. I thought I would post a schedule, in case any of you might be interested. I would especially love to see some more teens, as we have some really fun classes for that age. There will be a drama group and a choir this semester, as well as PE and art, along with some others. Anyway, look over the schedule and let us know if you would like more information.

Kansas City Catholic Homeschoolers have a conference coming up  Check here for info on Catholic Homeschooling activities in the Kansas City area .

Lee Summit MO

The Lee’s Summit Home Educators (LSHE) is a Christian-based homeschool support group for families who choose to educate their pre-K through high school students. Our group is based on volunteers who desire to have a strong home school community for their children as well as themselves.    

Raytown MO
Discovery Homeschool,  Raytown MO.  "A Christian-based enrichment program for homeschooled children grades K-7th with a qualified, Christian faculty. All teachers have a college degree and a background check. The teachers are wonderful, caring Christians who love to work with children. Students will be creatively challenged with hands-on activities and experiments in their classes."

Rolla MO

C.H.E.S.S. is run by parent volunteers and all events are lead by volunteer coordinators. We ask for a small $15 yearly membership fee to cover expenses of the webpage and communications as well as paper products and facility donation/rental for sponsored events. Members of C.H.E.S.S. receive weekly e-mails of upcoming events and announcements. Please feel free to e-mail if you have questions.   

St Joseph MO
There's a St. Joe group that offers 12 and 8 week enrichment classes.  Details can be found at There are families that just come for 1 class while others try to take one each hour.  The semester's Grand Finale is where bands, choirs, improv perform, chess presentations, etc. while other classes have displays.

You can join these 2 e-mail groups.  Some messages are posted on both while enrichment class info and others are just posted on one. and

The Connected Homeschool website on which is listed hundreds of resources, activities, and events for homeschoolers. We have a Homeschool Mom's Coffee Night at Hazel's in St. Joseph on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. It's a nice, relaxed time to chat, laugh, and encourage each other in our parenting/homeschooling adventures. We'd love to see you there! And if you have any homeschooling-type questions, feel free to email me at If I don't know the answers, chances are I know where to find them or who to contact.

Sullivan, MO

Music Classes
Every Monday: for class times, see
Band (beginning, intermediate, concert, and jazz), choir (elementary, concert, and men’s ensemble), violin, flutophone, and chamber ensemble. Classes are $25/month per child, per class, with a cap of $125 per family. Talk to Kay directly for scholarship information.

Every Tuesday, Sullivan City Hall Gym, 3pm-5pm
Please bring a couple dollars to help me cover the cost of gym rental.

Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday, Sullivan Skating Rink, 5:30pm-7:30pm
Please bring a couple dollars to help me cover the cost of rink rental.
Skate rental (quads only): $1

English Country Dance
Hopefully we will meet the 4th Friday of every month, Sullivan Skating Rink, noon-2pm
We will definitely be meeting in January and February, and we are having our first ball in March.
Depending on response, we will continue these classes indefinitely.
Please RSVP for this class, as time and location is subject to change.

Admission: $2

My contact info:
Amy Lee Bell

Kay’s Studio:

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chrystal said...

Could you put up my Teen girls bible study group info on your site? It is in Sullivan Mo. It is called Proof.

PROOF is a bible study group for girls ages 13+ that was created to uplift our teenage girls in the local community. It is a type of Music Ministry. Each PROOF study uses a popular Christian song and builds upon the biblical foundations that the song tells.

I hope that by using Christians music with biblical based lyrics the girls will be able to associate daily life situations with the module themes and apply the foundations taught to their daily walk closer to Jesus Christ.

Classes are held EVERY OTHER MONDAY starting August 10th 2015 at 975 Highway Af, Sullivan, MO 63080. From: 4:30 - 5:45 pm.

More info at:

Thank you so much!