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This is a place to share ideas for homeschooling! Send me any that you would like to post!

What to homeschool for free??  All you need is just a few supplies to go along with it, and Internet access.  Check out Easy Peasy Homeschool.  It has full lessons, for ALL grades, all subjects.  Check it out at
Even if you already have your material, you can use this site for review.  I love the math, as a lot of it is games--if kids are having fun, they will do it longer, and learn more.

Join or Start a coop.
Coops don't have to be expensive, they can be cheap or free.  If you don't have one in your area, start your own.  They don't have to be complicated either.
Get a group of homeschoolers together and decide what you want to learn.  Pick a meeting date and time.  Your coop can be as simple as getting together once a week for an organized PE activity.  Once that is underway, the next semester add something else to it.  Have a parent who speaks fluent Spanish or French?  Then add in a foreign language class.  Have a mom or moms who knit?  Offer knitting.  Want to offer history?  Have the parents take turns and each one prepares one lesson throughout the class.   Keep your expenses to 0 by simply having each child make their own notebook and bring their own supplies for classes.  You can add more classes or keep it at just 1 or 2 a week.  Then decide if you want to keep it this way, or change classes at a semester break.
For all ages, make an animal book.  You adjust it according to your childs learning level.
Your younger ones, use coloring pages or cut pictures from a magazine.  
Learn an animal a week.-
Draw, find or make a picture or model of the animal
what does it eat?
Where does it live?
What zoology class is it in?
What is its lifespan??

Older kids can write an essay about the animal.  Younger kids can fill in the blanks to questions you can make up.  Supplement it by studing the animal (family cat or dog) or find a video about it on tv or at the zoo.

My girls worked on the same book for 4 years. i t was a huge 3 ring notebook when they were done. When we went to the zoo, we took the book with us for more info.  We took pictures at the zoo to add to the book.  The loved this project.  You can adapt this for preschool thru high school.

This can count as science, handwriting, you can make vocabulary words and spelling words from it, if older and they write essays, it can count for English and grammar.
My girls journal daily. Some days (about once a week) they pick their own topic. Usually I give them a topic. Some require their imagination. Others require them to research a topic, involving the computer or books, and some require them to create an outline, such is as in a "how to" topic. Most journal entries count as 15-30 minutes toward language or another subject.
A journal can be counted and language (grading spelling, punctuation, handwriting, short stories, poems), or depending on the topic it can also be history or another subject.
Here is a list of 365 enough to get you through a year, or to give you ideas of your own.

Journal Entries
All entries need to be in cursive, neat and at least ½ page long.

1. Can catfish meow? Write about it
2. Pick one organ of the body and write ¾ of a page about it.
3. Snow
4. Write me a 1 page story about a girl named petunia, who lived on a farm and grew peppers and peaches
5. What does “early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy and wise” really mean? Who wrote it?
6. Grandpa
7. Spring
8. Favorite book
9. Pick your own subject
10. Pure thoughts
11. fingerprints
12. What is the first commandment and what does it mean?
13. Trees
14. What does John 3:16 mean to you?
15. What would it be like without electricity?
16. Favorite song
17. Pick your own subject
18. Good hygiene. Why is it important?
19. Write about Arizona
20. What is the Golden Rule?
21. Your favorite board game
22. Clean language
23. Write a poem about anything
24. Invent a word. What does it mean?
25. Favorite food
26. Write about living on a houseboat
27. Pick your own subject
28. If you were rich, you would???
29. What is a parable? Tell me one
30. Forgiveness
31. What kind of car do you want?
32. Write about riding in a hot air balloon
33. Mary Lincoln
34. The Sound of Music
35. How is vinegar made?
36. Pick your own subject
37. Why is the sky blue?
38. What does it mean to be “fishers of men?”
39. How do you make mashed potatoes?
40. Heaven
41. hell
42. Pick your own subject
43. What if pigs could fly?
44. What does family mean to you?
45. Write a song
46. penicillin
47. What changes came about when electricity was invented?
48. What is your earliest memory?
49. Pick your own subject
50. Wizard of Oz
51. What does your name mean?
52. Write about Maryland
53. What is the 2nd commandment and what does it mean?
54. Grandma
55. cows
56. Write about California
57. What would you do with one million dollars?
58. Pick your own subject
59. Egypt
60. Time travel
61. Compare cats to dogs
62. Stars
63. The Whitehouse
64. Pick your own subject
65. Vermont
66. Tell me the story of the boy who cried wolf and its meaning
67. Describe your perfect day
68. A lizard named Lou
69. Favorite food
70. Call Grandpa. Write about something he did when he was younger
71. What would you do if you were magic?
72. Write a poem
73. cousins
74. Write about Washington DC
75. Pick your own subject
76. What is your favorite flower, and why?
77. If you had your own plane, where would you fly to?
78. Why is smoking wrong?
79. What changes came about as a result of the invention of the TV?
80. What is the 3rd commandment and what does it mean?
81. Bicycles
82. Riding in a taxi
83. Benefits of exercise to your health
84. How many bones do you have? What bones are in your hand?
85. Write a one-page story as if you lived before cars and electricity
86. The beach
87. Apples
88. Write about your favorite Bible story
89. Pick your own subject
90. Favorite smell—why?
91. How to make your favorite pizza
92. puppies
93. Chocolate
94. Being in a wagon train
95. strawberries
96. Who is your favorite male hero?
97. If you had to loose one of your senses, which one and why?
98. Fall weather
99. July 4th
100. Write a Batman and Robin story
101. A life without computers
102. Life on the moon
103. Research a fish and write about it
104. Pick your own subject
105. How do we get flour?
106. The big dipper and the little dipper
107. The history of Dr Pepper
108. What is your favorite sport? Why?
109. football
110. What if you couldn’t read?
111. What does the saying “a fish out of water” mean?
112. President Cleveland
113. Russia
114. Write about Jesus birth
115. Your favorite place to travel to
116. What is the 4th commandment and what does it mean?
117. Call Grandma, find out about something she did when she was younger and write about it
118. Apollo 13
119. Eggs and orange juice
120. Monkeys
121. Pick your own subject
122. carrots
123. Where does sugar come from?
124. How do we get paper?
125. What is your favorite soup and why?
126. Write a newspaper article about a goat that got loose in town
127. What would you do if you were president?
128. What do you think Mary thought when baby Jesus was born?
129. Who is your favorite female hero?
130. The sun-research and write a half page about it
131. How do they make pencils?
132. babies
133. Pick your own subject
134. Big Bird
135. Describe your dream car
136. Interview JD. See if you can find out 5 new things about him that you didn’t already know.
137. The American flag. How did we get it, and what does it mean?
138. What is the 5th commandment and what does it mean?
139. What will you be when you grow up?
140. Pick your own subject
141. How do you change a baby’s diaper?
142. Smoke signals
143. Bo and Allie
144. Write a new story about Laura and Mary
145. Camping
146. Why is it important to eat breakfast
147. Vegetables
148. Falling asleep under a tree
149. What if cats ruled the world, and people were the pets?
150. Write about a Bible parable
151. Who was president when you were born? Write ½ page about him.
152. Write a story about a gutsy goat named Goose
153. Pick your own subject
154. Ruth and Naomi
155. dreaming
156. How do you make pickles?
157. What new hobby would you like to learn?
158. Rubies
159. Good Friday
160. A soft blanket
161. Tell me about the children you will have
162. Why is it important to take care of your body?
163. horses
164. Write about Ben Franklin
165. Pick your own subject
166. Your teeth
167. Write about your favorite vacation
168. Write about Ronald Reagan
169. Swimming pools
170. Who is your favorite singer and why?
171. Make a daily schedule
172. Fruits
173. What is the 6th commandment and what does it mean?
174. Computers
175. Write about outer space
176. What is something nice you can do for someone?
177. Tell me about Osage Indians
178. Write about George W Bush
179. What does the Lord’s Prayer mean?
180. What if you lived in a cave?
181. President Adams
182. Pick your own subject
183. What if you could fly?
184. What is your favorite state?
185. Ice cream
186. Wading in a creek
187. Blue’s Clues
188. Write about the San Francisco fire.
189. Who wrote the first dictionary? Tell me about it.
190. Your favorite TV show
191. Write about the state of Virginia
192. Create a new holiday
193. Math
194. sunscreen
195. Write a one-page story about anything
196. What do you like to collect and why?
197. Your favorite animal
198. What is the 7th commandment and what does it mean?
199. Write about a trip to the moon on a rocket ship
200. Tell me about Harry Truman
201. Pick your own subject
202. Easter
203. What would you like to invent
204. volleyball
205. Butterflies
206. Tell me about Arkansas
207. How many counties are in Missouri? What county were you born in, and what counties have you lived in? What ones have funny or different names? What county is the capitol in?
208. Write about the history of the Olympics
209. Elk
210. basketball
211. What will life be like 100 years from now?
212. Describe something nice someone did for you once. How did it make you feel?
213. What are some ways to save water?
214. Pick your own subject
215. Describe your perfect husband
216. The lowest recorded temp was in 1983 in Vostok Station, Antarctica. It was –128.6 if you lived there, how would you keep warm?
217. Comanche Indians
218. If you could build a house, what would it look like? Describe it and draw a picture of it.
219. What if animals could talk?
220. A world without running water
221. Write a story about a bear, a cow and a dentist
222. What if cows really could type? What would they write about?
223. Write about Hershey, PA
224. Warren G Harding
225. Missouri river
226. Who do you think was the best president?
227. What is the 8th commandment and what does it mean?
228. Tell me the history of your favorite musical instrument
229. Pick your own subject
230. Hoop skirts. Should we wear them again?
231. A hen named Henrietta
232. summer
233. What is the difference between an offering and a tithe?
234. What is your favorite tree?
235. What does the pledge of allegiance mean?
236. What happened on the day you were born, in history?
237. What does a rainbow mean according to the Bible?
238. Design your own dollar bill and coin. What would you put on them and why?
239. Write a short story about fairies
240. What is insulin?
241. Hats and gloves
242. The great lakes
243. Why is the grass green?
244. Pick your own subject
245. flowers
246. Catsup and mustard
247. Why are laws important?
248. Your favorite desert
249. Tell me about Esther in the Bible
250. What are the tar pits in California?
251. If you wrote a book, what would it be about?
252. Cowboys and Indians
253. Write about Paris, France
254. Write a short story about anything.
255. skydiving
256. Why is it important to get a good education?
257. Who was Patrick Henry? Write about him.
258. What are some ways to save electricity?
259. Pick your own subject
260. Church camp
261. Mt Saint Helens
262. Why was slavery wrong?
263. Going fishing
264. John F Kennedy
265. Seat belts
266. grasshoppers
267. Why is genealogy important?
268. clocks
269. What does gun safety mean?
270. Who invented the first car? Research and write ½ page about it
271. Describe yourself to me, as if I did not know you.
272. What is the 9th commandment and what does it mean?
273. Pick your own subject
274. If you could change one thing about anything, what would it be and why?
275. Write a one-page mystery
276. Tell me about China
277. Who is your favorite singer or band. Why?
278. A horse named Harry
279. Being on a raft with Tom Sawyer
280. pollution
281. What happened during the Civil war?
282. Why should prayer be put back into schools?
283. fossils
284. Why is it important to tell the truth?
285. Pick your own subject
286. Nascar
287. What does omniscient mean?
288. diamonds
289. Sequoia trees
290. What was the great depression?
291. Christmas
292. Why should we dress with modesty?
293. Sunrises and sunsets
294. Andrew Jackson
295. Pick your own subject
296. What if you had to grown your own food and make your own house and furniture and clothes?
297. Pick your own subject
298. Growing old
299. Why is it important to know how to sew
300. Write a poem about anything
301. Sheep sheering
302. Hot cider and popcorn
303. Handicapped parking
304. Ireland and St Patrick’s day
305. Pick your own subject
306. Cookies and milk
307. Why do parents want their children to mind? What if parents didn’t enforce rules?
308. Pretend you are Noah’s wife. Tell me about life on the ark with all the animals.
309. Spiders, snakes and icky things
310. How can you volunteer?
311. What was the dust bowl? Why was it bad?
312. Tell me how to saddle a horse
313. Where does gasoline come from?
314. Pick your own subject
315. The desert
316. Growing old
317. Rain
318. Why is recycling important?
319. Why is it important to have newspapers, radio and TV for our news?
320. whales
321. Why is it important to learn history? What does it mean history repeats itself?
322. Tell me about the Liberty bell
323. Pick your own subject
324. Lady bugs
325. Gardening
326. Picking up trash
327. Name some antiques that people don’t use anymore
328. Wal-Mart
329. Delaware Indians
330. What is the 10th commandment and what does it mean?
331. Your favorite restaurant
332. Pick your own subject
333. North Dakota
334. Write a poem about fuzzy things
335. What does it mean to be “equally yoked” when you marry?
336. Tell me about cotton. Where does it grow and how does it turn into clothing?
337. If you were a great artist, what would you paint?
338. Who invented the airplane? Tell me about it
339. The mountains
340. Indiana
341. Chester A Arthur
342. How do you make butter?
343. What is your favorite book? Tell me about it.
344. Germany
345. Pick your own subject
346. Why is it important to learn to cook?
347. motorcycles
348. Pick your own subject
349. Tell me about Alaska
350. Your favorite cake
351. Dolphins
352. Pancakes
353. Quill pens, fountain pens and ink pens
354. Montana
355. Quick sand
356. Rocky mountains
357. Jewelry
358. Qualities of a Godly wife
359. Pick your own subject
360. Grapes and raisins
361. Communion-what does it represent, who can take it?
362. Who was Martin Luther King Jr?
363. Write a story about a purple bumble bee
364. Christopher Columbus
365. The Bible
 Check out Freely Educate at least once a week. This site lists free offers to homeschoolers, mostly downloads or free access to website that normally charge.  Most of the offers are only good for a short time, so check it often.  You can also subscribe to their email list, so you will receive notification of each new offering.


I think a library is a good thing. Some are lucky to have a local public library. (Our town has none, and neither does our county).
We have a home library. Some of our books I have bought at library sales, some have been given to us, others have come from garage sales. But many are from scholastic.

If you are interested in ordering scholastic books, and live near by (or are willing to pay shipping of $6), I have a scholastic account you can order through.

Online Ordering Information
Web address:
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Dear Parent,

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It’s so simple! Here’s how it works:
· SIGN UP at On the parent page, click the “Register” button in the “First Time Here?” section. Register for your own user name and password. When prompted, enter the one-time Class Activation Code shown above. This unique code ensures that your order is sent to me.
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What started out as Sal making a few algebra videos for his cousins has grown to over 2,100 videos and 100 self-paced exercises and assessments covering everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history.

Learn tricks to pass on to your child to make learning easier, simple poems, stories and memory trucks, such as this:

  • ☣~SH


    Half the adult population can't count back change.  Go to the bank and get about $50 in assorted bills and change.  Price items from your cabinets and have your kids (all ages) play store and learn how to count back change without using a calculator.


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