Missouri Homeschooling Laws

Here is what is legally required to homeschool in the state of Missouri  (this is copied from the state’s statutes) :

(a) Maintain the following records:

a. A plan book, diary, or other written record indicating subjects taught and activities engaged in; and

b. A portfolio of samples of the child's academic work; and

c. A record of evaluations of the child's academic progress; or

d. Other written, or credible evidence equivalent to subparagraphs a., b. and c.; and

(b) Offer at least one thousand hours of instruction, at least six hundred hours of which will be in reading, language arts, mathematics, social studies and science or academic courses that are related to the aforementioned subject areas and consonant with the pupil's age and ability. At least four hundred of the six hundred hours shall occur at the regular home school location;

1.  What you are going to do/what you did.  (Plan book or diary)

2.  A sample of what you did. (Portfolio)

3.  A determination of what you did worked or not. (Evaluation)

4.  How long you spent doing it. (Log of hours.)

It is important to note that NO ONE other than the county prosecuting attorney is allowed to ask for your records.

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