Support our 4H Club and Get an Address sign for 911

If you needed to call 911, could we find your home quickly?
Proper addressing is very important to Emergency Services.  In an emergency, when seconds count, the speed help arrives in can be the difference between life and death.

Every home should be identified with at least 3 inch numbers, making them easy to see for fast moving emergency vehicles.

 Emergency Services would like to see more reflective address signs in our area.  Address signs like these designed by Safety Home Address and endorsed by 911 responders enable you to attractively identify your address.
The numbers are reflective and are against a contrasting blue, so that it does not blend in with foliage.  They are easy to see, even on dark rainy nights.  These signs are double sided, making them visible from both sides and are made of durable materials.
You may purchase a sign from any member of the Plattsburg Pioneers 4H Club.
Or mail the order form with your check made out to Plattsburg Pioneers to:
 568 NW 305th St 
Plattsburg MO  64477
                                 ORDER FORM

Address ______________________________________________________________________
Phone _____________________    NUMBERS FOR SIGN ____ _____ ____ ____ ____

Please circle your choice:  #1      #2      #3      #4     #5 

#1.....30 inch PVC white guidepost with blue top 2 sided numbers. (special order allow 4 wks)

 #2 is the delux panel mounted vertical and #3 is the deluxe panel mounted horizontal.  Both delux panels are $21.

#4 is the standard blue vertical for $20 or #5 the standard blue horizontal for $20.

Note, all panels are blue, no green.  If you want to order and have it shipped to you, please add $7.95 to your order.

Know your physical address for 911.  Everyone has a physical address.  It may or not be the same as your mailing address.  If you have to call 911, (and during your lifetime you most likely will at some point, at least once), they need your physical address.  That is the address where you reside, or where the incident requiring 911 services is located.  It is NOT your post office box

If you are unsure of your correct address, contact your proper authorities within your city or county.  Teach your address to your children.  They need to be able to cite their name, and complete address (including town) to the dispatcher.  Practice this with your child.  Even after they learn it, keep reviewing it with the younger ones.  It can save a life!

To order a house number sign for 911 and support 4H click here.

Now that everyone knows your address, POST IT.   It does no good for you to know where you are, if 911 personnel doesn't.  Make sure your house number is visible from the road.  Post your number on your mailbox, or a post at the end of your driveway if you are in the rural area, or have a long driveway.  If you live in town and your home is easily visible from the street post the numbers on the house.  Use reflective numbers, so it can be seen at night.  

Our 4H groups is selling, as a fund raiser for the club, and also as a community service to citizens house number panels (complete with your number on them) to be posted.  Follow the above link to the form.  If you live within the Plattsburg Fire Protection District (Missouri), we will mount them for you at no additional charge.

If you want a sign, but are not in our fire district, add $7.95 to your order, and we will mail your sign to you for you to mount.  If you need assistance mounting a sign outside our district, I suggest you contact your local fire district.  Most will come and assist with the mounting.

This is an ongoing project, that we do year around.  So, if you are reading this post, you can still order.