Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Field Trip Day in Kansas City

Today we took a field trip to Union Station in downtown Kansas City.  We went and saw a free musical (today's morning show only was free).  As a homeschooling mom, I am always on the lookout for free or inexpensive field trips.  This show was a history lesson in cowboys of the old west.  Many don't realize that the majority of the cowboys were actually black.  Hollywood seldom portrays them correctly.  It followed the cowboy life of Nat Love, AKA Deadwood Dick, who was a real cow  boy in US History.  See for more information on Deadwood.  We saw his adventures, work, and hardships and how it was changed when the railroad came across the west.  We are counting it as history.

Theatre for Young America (TYA), a non-for-profit,  has a musical running, featuring Danny Cox and his music.  The musical is "Black Cowboy in the Old West" at center stage.  It runs through Feb 25.   

They have several more shows coming up this year.  I highly recommend their shows.  You can find TYA on facebook to see what is scheduled.

Afterward we walked around for a bit before heading home.  The girls had fun checking out the ceiling--lots of interesting architecture, old fire equipment display from KCFD, and old trains outside.   We plan on heading back later for a visit to the planetarium.

I made 2 loaves of bread, Rebecca made a pineapple upside downcake, and we all pitched in to make some jambalaya.

On the way home we stopped at the store and bought shrimp and sausage for the jambalaya.  When I got home, I discovered my husband had the same idea on his way home from work and bought.....shrimp and sausage for jambalaya.  I guess great minds really do think alike???

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syds1girl said...

That's funny about the shrimp and sausage! What a wonderful opportunity and field trip you had. I would love to see this about the cowboys of old West. Your bread looks beautiful. I made bread today also. Hope you all have great jambalaya!