Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Location needed for Spelling Bee in the Kansas City area

One of the local homeschooling groups in the Kansas City area hosts an annual spelling bee. However, the church they had been having it at now has day activities going on, so it is not available.

They are looking for a location they can use (free of charge, but we all pitch in and clean up afterwards) for a day. They would like to have it the first Friday in May or the last Friday in April.
Requirements are, one common room for waiting, snacking and issuing awards, and probably 8-12 classrooms large enough for each grade to compete, have room for the judges and a small audience (of parents).
If your Kansas City area church would be willing to host this Christian Homeschool Ministry, please get back with me and I will get you connected with the organizer of the event.

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