Thursday, February 23, 2012

Opportunity for Kansas City area homeschoolers to care for wild birds

  • I got this as an email, and no nothing more than what the email says, but I'm sharing!

    "Wild Bird Rehabilitation Needs Volunteers
    Hello, I am a homeschool mother. I am also a volunteer at the Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center in Overland, MO. I was asked by the director to put the word out about our birds and to make others aware of a need we have. Every spring we have a huge influx of rescued birds. Many are babies rescued after falling out of nests or rescued from cats or dogs. Some of the birds are injured after having been hit by cars or flying into windows. We get all manner of songbirds (which are the only ones we can care for) and are usually overwhelmed with starlings. The director would like help with caring for the baby starlings, as these are very hardy birds, and we have an overpopulation of them anyway. She will make up a booklet that explains how to care for a baby bird and then give the bird to homeschool families to take them home and raise them. The family can provide all the care and then release the birds when they are ready. It would be a wonderful learning experience for children, and Wild Bird Rehab will help and direct the care as needed. The director says that March is the month when our “season” of caring for the babies begins, and we are making you aware of this wonderful learning opportunity early so we can plan over the winter how to implement this. If you have any questions, please contact Carolyn Bast at 314-839-1399 or ."

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