Monday, December 29, 2008

Weird weather continues

Sunday morning we had ice covered trees and took the 4 wheel drive truck to church. It was slick in spots. Today it is in the 60's again, with mud everywhere. The chickens were glad to be set free from their coop. I have been keeping them in on the days when it is in the 20's or lower.

We took a break from most our homeschooling the past week, since we had company and the holidays, and today the girls are cleaning their bedrooms. They each have their own, so no one is to blame for their mess except for themselves. They are bringing me some snow boots they outgrew, so I will try to get those on eBay shortly.

This evening, we will watch some videos that we will count in our learning. I have a series from the library on inventors and animals. So we will watch those and return them tomorrow when we go to the library.

Our company is gone, and I am debating on giving the girls the rest of the week as a break, or resuming homeschool full time. I think however, that we will just do a little work. The public schools are still on break and I know I will hear that as an argument if I assign math!

My laundry soap making is all finished and put into containers. Probably next week I will make up a batch of automatic dish washing soap (powder). It too comes out to about a penny a load.

Our back pasture continues to be full of wild geese. Last week when we went into town we even saw a few pheasants. I have not seen wild pheasant since we moved here. I also keep seeing coon tracks around again. So far, they have not bothered the chickens. The last time we had coons it was helter skelter in the hen house. That is when JD started calling our one surviving duck "Rambo". He fought off the coons and has the scars to prove it.

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