Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Program tonight

Tonight is our childrens Christmas Program at church. They had their final practice this morning during childrens church. So, we are only home for about 3 hours this afternoon before we head back to church. That is just enough time to do chores, eat and bake cookies to take for after the program. Hopefully I will get some good pictures from the program to share with your later.
It continues to be cold and windy outside. I am to the point I am ready for spring. Of course the kids like it, because they like to go sledding.
I found out last evening that all my family is coming here for Christmas. Since JD has to work and can't go to Christmas at my families, they decided they would all come here. So, we have 6 coming for sure, and possibly more.
My parents at least (if not more) will be staying on-at least that is the plan mom and I had. Each time they visit I have my dad repair or install something electrical. So far he has put in 2 ceiling fans and repaired one. Next on my list is a few more outlets in our homeschool classroom we made in the basement and one for my downstairs stove. (I have a deep freeze, stove and refrigerator in the basement and has been such a blessing when canning, freezing or having company for dinner) I also need electric brought out to my chicken coop, but it is too cold to even think about that right now.
Rebecca was the one who ended up making our cookies to take to the program. She got both a home-ec cooking lesson out of it, and also a math lesson (she had to triple the recipe, and work with fractions).

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