Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ice storm in progress

Today was not our typical Sunday. Normally, we get up, let out the chickens to free range and feed the animals. Then we go to church, come home, eat finish the outside chores and basically lounge or do a little reading before evening ycuth group.

However today after we got to church we found the ice storm that I thought was going to hit on Tues or Wed was actually going to hit tonight between 6 and 7. Same time as youth group and Christmas program practice. So, the decision was made to move up program practice to 3 and cancel youth group (no one wants 16 and 17 year old drivers on the ice if it can be avoided). The reports vary, but we could get between 1 and 3 inches of ice. Ice is not a fun thing on the farm. If the power goes out, we have no heat for the chickens and no heaters for the stock tanks to keep the water from freezing.

So, after church we went and did some shopping, which I hate to do on Sundays but had no choice. We could not find a heat bulb for the chickens, and are missing an extension cord, so got a new bulb, new heat lamp and another extension cord for the barn.

Then, back to church for program practice. While Elizabeth and Rebecca practiced, Emily and I along with several others painted the set. The program is scheduled for next Sunday evening.
Right now the girls are outside finishing up the chores in the barn, and I have some hot cocoa to finish making for them.
The first picture is of Double. The second is of Beauty (who is not broke to ride and probably never will be as she has an attitude) and Bandit. Double and Beauty are quarter horses and bandit is a warm blood.

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