Monday, December 29, 2008

School work done!

After hearing I'm bored this afternoon about 100 times, we watched a video on the history of the railroad. (It fit in perfectly following a reading comprehension unit that we did last week about the Chinese and their role in building our railroad system.) Then we watched a science video about cats, and did a couple of worksheets about cats for our animal notebooks. Then we did a reading comprehension unit. So, we got in total 2.5 hours, in addition to mom's required 1 hour of reading daily. That was 1 hr of history, 1 hr of science, 30 min of reading comp and 1 hr of free reading.

I've attached a picture of Rebecca working on her science. To her, this is more comfortable than sitting at her desk or at the school table in the classroom (although it would break my back). I've often wondered if schools let their kids work in their PJ's in their most comfortable positions, if the kids would all get more work done. It does seem to work here at home rather well.

We have noticed a lot of racoon tracks again, so I also got a wire grate screwed over the last window of the chicken coop. Let those coons try and chew through that!

After being in the high 50's today, it has dropped back down into the 30's now. I am ready for spring, but I know mother nature is just teasing us. I noticed even the horses and dogs are sniffing the warm air.

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