Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ice Storm

Yesterday it was almost 70 outside. In town it was 73. Today it is in the high 20's. Last night around bedtime it started thunder and lightening. We had rain, the temp dropped and it turned into freezing rain, then some sleet. Later we had hail, but the entire time the thunder and lightening continued. This morning we awoke to ice covered trees and bushes. Yet we still have puddles in the yard from the melted snow that aren't froze. Weird weather.

My soap jelled well overnight. I have a years supply on hand now for laundry. I still have a few more containers to fill and then I am done with that project.

The girls have had a light load with their homeschooling this week, due to the holiday. We have managed to watch several science and history videos. They have also done their reading comprehension and a little math.

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