Wednesday, December 17, 2008

This is the beginnings of our weather station. It is one of our homeschooling projects that I mentioned in an earlier post. The poles will be straightened up and set into concrete in the center of the big tire. All our weather instruments will then be mounted on these poles. However, the snow is going to have to melt down far enough that I can at least see the holes we dug. Notice the puppy tracks leading up to the tire??? Instead of going around, she went up and over and down the otherside.
It finally stopped snowing at some point during the night. It still remains very cold out, and there is a sharp wind, so we are leaving the chickes inside their area today. They can still get out, but can not get beyond their small pen that is attached to their coop. So no free ranging for them today. When they get cold, I have noticed their feet and legs turn green. I suppose that is because their skin is so yellow, that it gives off the green color.

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