Saturday, December 13, 2008

Elizabeth and her cow

This is Elizabeth and Hershey, her cow. The mom is a shorthorn and the dad and angus. She plans to AI Hershey with angus. Then she would like to show the calf for 4H.
Right now Hershey is in "cow jail", the feedlot, as Hershey has an uncanny way of escaping the pasture. We 'think' we have found where she is getting out at...maybe. However, until that fence is redone, Hershey will remain in the feedlot. Hershey has an older sister 'Ms 54' that we also plan to AI to angus.

Ms 54 also has been know to escape a few times a well, but hasn't lately. Actually their mother used to and Ms 54 was born at the neighbors during one escape. So, maybe this escaping from our pasture is in their blood....
I have noticed that when the cows get out, they go to the neighbors. However, when the horses get out, they head straight for my garden and then they root their feet into it and refuse to leave.

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