Friday, December 12, 2008

Thriftstore and socialization

Yesterday after our trip to the library, we went to the thrift store across the street. I got the girls each a pair of jeans. The most expensive pair was $4, and one pair I don't think had ever been worn. I also got for $1 what appears to be a brand new flannel top sheet-twin sized in grey. (Apprently it was unwanted since there was no bottom sheet with it). I intend to make a couple of nightgowns out of it for the girls, following Wardeh's pattern to use the hemmed sheet as the nightgown hems. For better instructions, see her site,
She uses knit, but I am going to use flannel. However I am sure it will work. I rarely buy store bought patterns, but make my own out of a blank roll of newspaper. The last pattern I bought I paid over $14 for.
All our snow is gone now, so the girls are not too interested in playing outside. Instead their free time today they have spent inside knitting. I wish they would knit more, as they are all rather good at it. It is a little warmer out today, I noticed that when I was out earlier. I went to the barn to see if there was any possible way to unload a deepfreeze myself out of the back of the pickup. My idea was to get straps under it and left it out with either the front loader or the bobcat. However it is too heavy for me to get the straps under it. I guess I should have had the straps in place when it was loaded. I got it (thanks Dad and Tim for loading it!) from my parents barn. It is going in my barn to store feed in. I already have a smaller one for chicken feed and rabbit feed. This large one will store the cracked corn and sweet feed. Between the mice, racoons, birds, chickens and who knows what else, half of our feed disappears before the stock gets it. This should stop that problem for good.
I was asked to address the issue of socialization while homeschooling. For my family, that has never been an issue. For one, we belong to a homeschool coop which meets every Friday afternoon September - November and February - April. My kids also are very active in regular 4H, 4H horsemanship, youth group and church, church camp, science camp, girl scout camp, 4H camp, Girl Scouts, Library Discovery Club and JBQ (Junior Bible Quiz). They have been in plays, programs, bands, choirs and fairs. They also meet people while doing their "internships". They can interact just as well with adults as they can with children or babies. They also do some volunteer work at times at a local crisis center. Emily also volunteers on a regular base in the church nursery.

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