Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rebecca's jewerly

This is some of the jewerly that Rebecca (who is 10) has made. She is selling these for $5.50 a pair and that includes postage. You can pay paypal to or mail her a check or postal money order. (email for the address) If she doesn't know you, she will wait for your check to clear before mailing them out. Notice that pairs 1 and 2 are safety backs. No two pairs are the same. Be sure to designate which pair(s) you are ordering (you can see each pair is numbered), and that they are from Rebecca's stock (as Emily also sells them). As they sell, they will be removed from her inventory as she an not duplicate them. As part of our homeschooling we focus on learning about business and careers. This is part of her unit.

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lizajane said...

Very nice. She could sell them on It's for handmade objects.