Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gingerbread houses

Today we went over to another local homeschool families house and the kids made gingerbread houses for Christmas while the moms all visited. It was a nice group and we all had a nice time.

Acutally 2 of my daughters made houses. The 3rd opted for a mansion, which of course, collapsed on the way home. Right now she is repairing it. However, you can look at the picture and see for yourself where a good part of the icing is really going....(BUSTED). Instead of gingerbread, we used graham crackers which actually work much better and are less breakable and less messy.

The family had all sort of animals and pets, and they also had bees. Since I am wanting bees, if I don't find a honey man and try to wing it on my own, I can pick her brain. Last year was their first year and they did get some honey.

The public schools around here let out at noon, in anticipation of the latest ice storm that was to hit today. However, it is just now starting to spit down some freezing rain. (at 5:30 p.m.) Do you know the difference between sleet and freezing rain? Sleet is already frozen when it comes down. A peice of sleet actually is numerous layers of ice usually in a ball or oval shape. Freezing rain however, freezes on its way down, most often very close to earth or after it lands on trees or other surfaces.