Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Molting Chickens

Our chickens are molting. In December, which is rather strange. Usually they do this in the heat of the summer. So, for now, no eggs. Right now we have 3 hens with heavy feather loss, which is not good for this time of the year when it is cold.... Naked chickens running around in the snow....

Today we watched more of our science videos. Topics were matter and energy, animal facts & the food chain. We also did our reading comprehension and history, and worked again on our animal notebooks. We did not get English or Math done, but as the girls keep pointing out to me, they are supposed to be on Christmas and New Years break....

I have written some for a site called Thriftyfun.com, and received news that the founder and editor, Susan passed away on December 21. She will be missed by her many readers. She always sent me such nice emails after I would submit an article or tip.

Our farm has a new resident. Unfortunately it is an unwanted one. We seem to have acquired a rather fat grey mouse in the last 2 days. She has set up residency in the house and spends a lot of time running from under JD's desk to under the love seat in the office. She has been trying to make a nest under the love seat, but I think she is rather upset with me, as I have now vacummed it up twice. Why is it they are cute when they are in a cage and not so cute when they are in your house? J.D. is allergic to cats in the house. My meowing at the mouse seems to have no effect, so tomorrow I will put out a trap or some Blue Death.

Our new water bill came in the mail today. This is now the 3rd one in the $30 range since I got my new washer. (Bosch front loader). It only uses 8 gallons per load, as compared to the old Kenmore top loader at 66 gallons for a full load. Our water bills used to be in the $75 and up range. Considering we also watered stock a few days when the ponds were frozen, I am happy with this water bill. To add to my delight, there is a notice on the bill that 94.6% of the coop customers will notice lower bills due to a lower rate change.

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Marilyn said...

Hi, just a note, we have chickens too! I am from NW Ohio, cold and they are not laying. Just found your site from Swapsavers, I have a new blog site I started too. Hope this works out ok for both of us. Feel free to join my wieght loss challenge, but then of course weight my not be a problem for you!