Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas from us to you!

I am a day late in wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. We had a house full of family, so I had little time to get on the computer. My parents came, and my brother and his family. All the kids had fun playing together. After they were done opening their gifts, they sang "Jingle Bells" to the rest of the family. One day my neice will be a hollywood star. You can say you saw her first on this site! (She has been in several plays and productions already, and does a great job!!) My nephew, Sam manages to hold his own being the grandson on this side of the family. However, he does have boy cousins on the other side, and some 2nd/3rd boy cousins on our side as well.
Tomorrow we have another Christmas planned at our house, as one of the older twins, Tysa, is home from Chicago. Considering the weather in Chicago right now, I think she is glad she is in Missouri.
Christmas night, when we went to bed we had 6 inches of snow. This morning when we woke up (which was after 10 as we were up late last night talking and eating, watching TV and eating, and eating...) we had no snow left, lots of mud and it was 50. This afternoon it got up to around 66.
This afternoon the girls and I went outside and did some work. We covered the windows in the chicken coup with heavy plastic before the next cold wave comes through. I also got one of the post in our weather station set in concrete. Hopefully tomorrow I can also get the other post set.

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