Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My first post

After having numerous people tell me I should start a blog about homeschooling and farming/homesteading, I decided I will finally do it. I am not a computer savy person, so this is a learning experience for me. So here it goes.

Yesterday morning it started snowing with a little sleet in it while the girls and I were at the library. Here at the farm, we have between a dusting and an inch, depending on how the wind blows. But it is icy in spots, bad enough for the girls 4H horsemanship to be cancelled. In the city however, it must be much worse and many activities have been cancelled. It remains below freezing, so the girls are having to change out the rabbits water bottles, and check the heaters in the stocktank and the chicken waterer several times a day. The temperature isn't expected to be any warmer tomorrow.

Right now my girls are on a semester break from our homeschool coop, but not from school. We finished up our coop semester with a winter program and will be on break until the first of February. Our coop meets once a week on Fridays where each student takes 4 classes. Most of the classes are taught by parents. Last semester I taught 2 classes in weather, and aided in a pregrammer class on the human body, and also aided in a class on scrap booking. The kids really enjoy the coop. Classes vary each semester, but usually include band, choir, various PE classes, sewing, watercolor, painting, french, spanish....tons of things. We have almost 100 families and over 300 kids in ou coop. Next semester I am down for 2 classes--US Presidents (we will learn about a new president each week), and American Indians. If requested, I will also teach the weather class again. It was a big hit last semester and I had over 60 students.

So, who homeschools?? Here is a list of a few famous homeschoolers:
Abigail Adams
Abraham Lincoln
Agatha Christie
Alexander Graham Bell
Amadeus Mozart
Andrew Carnegie
Andrew Wyeth
Beatrice Potter
Benjamin Franklin
Blaise Pascal
Booker T. Washington
C.S. Lewis
Charles Dickens
Charlie Chaplin
Claude Monet
Douglas MacArthur
Florence Nightingale
Francis Poulenc
Franklin D Roosevelt
General George S. Patton
George Bernard Shaw
George Washington
Hans Christian Anderson
Irving Berlin
James Madison
Jason Taylor - NFL
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Joan of Arc
John & Charles Wesley
John Jay
John Marshall
John Paul Jones
John Quincy Adams
John Rutledge
John Singleton Copley
John Stuart Mill
Joseph Pulitzer
Josh Layne
Leonardo da Vinci
Mark Twain
Martha Washington
Mercy Warren
Patrick Henry
Pearl S. Buck
Phyllis Wheatley
Rembrandt Peale
Robert E. Lee
Robert Frost
Stonewall Jackson
The Hanson Singers
The Wright brothers
Theodore Roosevelt
Thomas Edison
Thomas Jefferson
Whoopi Goldberg
William F. Buckley Jr.
William Henry Harrison
William Penn
Winston Churchill
Wolfgang Mozart
Woodrow Wilson

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