Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Our homeschool coop is changing it up a bit

At least for this semester, our homeschool coop is changing direction.  Instead of having all traditional in house weekly classes, we are adding 2 field trips a month.  So, on week 1, we have coop and learn about what we will be doing on week 2, and on week 2 we will have a field trip.  On week 3, we will discuss what we learned on week 2 and do an appropriate reinforcement activity, and discuss what we will see on week 4.  The kids will be divided up by age groups so the learning will be on their levels.

I am looking forward to it as there are many things in the Kansas City area I haven't seen or taken the girls to yet.  Some of our field trips will be free ones, others won't, but doing it with coop means we will qualify as a school group and get a group rate.

On regular coop meeting days, we will continue to meet at our Independence MO location.
On field trip weeks, we will meet at our field trip location.

So far, its not too late to join, so if you want more information--contact me.  Fees are $10 per family for the semester, plus any field trip fees (and sack lunches).

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