Wednesday, September 19, 2012


It is fall, which means time to join 4H. Plattsburg Pioneers are having their first meeting of the year on Thursday 9/20 at 6pm at the Clinton County Youth building on 116 hwy. To be in 4H, a child needs to be 8, if they are younger than 8, they are a "clover kid". Dues are $17 per child per year. Each child picks their own projects that they are interested in--there are a ton to pick from, including but not limited to archery, 22 rifle, baking, cake decorating, horses, cooking, sewing, photography, cattle, goats, rabbits, cats, dogs, chickens, quilts, name it, its a project. If interested--show up!! We normally meet the third Thursday of each month. Although we are in Clinton County, kids of any county can join our club.

If you are in Missouri, but not in our area, but interested in 4H, go to the Missouri state 4H website  On the left side, enter your county.  Then, click on club info.  If no clubs come up, call your local 4H extension office.

4H is WONDERFUL and is easily incorporated into homeschooling. There are projects for every subject, and if you can't find your subject,  create your own as a self determined project.

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