Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Field Trip review Deanna Rose Children's Farm in Overland Park KS

Yesterday our homeschool coop took a field trip to the Deanna Rose Farmstead in Overland Park KS.  If you haven't been there, you need to go.  It was our first visit and we loved it.  We thought it would be more for younger kids, but the teens had just as much fun, as did the adults.  If you go Monday-Thursday, it is free.  Parking is up close, and there is a place outside to sit and eat, so you can take your own lunch and leave and return to the park with very little walking.

These are the bigger goats, which you can feed goat feed to, out of your hand.

Begging for a  free handout.

The homestead has over 200 animals, a school house, milking barn, chicken coop, barn, General store, bank, gardens and much more.  Most activities are hands on.  They close at 5 p.m. and right before they close, they have a goat race, which is very entertaining.

This little house was inside one of the gardens.  It is lined with wire fencing.  I think it would make a cute house for a sandbox.  You could tarp the roof or plant a vine over it.  The wire fencing would keep cats out of the sandbox....

Another cute little house in the children's garden.

The farmstead also features an Kanza (Kaw) Indian round mound house.  The staff member that was in the Indian house was an actual Indian, and full of information.  We spent over an hour in the house listening to her as she explained how it was built and a bit about the culture.  The house was 40 ft round, perfectly insulated and could sleep 45 people.  Inside it were skins, furs, and many tools.  I could have listened to her talk for another hour!

The park is all paved, very easy for a wheelchair or stroller to get around.  It has lots of benches in the shade to sit and rest and a playground park for the kids.

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syds1girl said...

This looks like a very fun and interesting place. That roundhouse would be something to see and hear about...sleeps 45!? Thanks for sharing this.