Tuesday, September 25, 2012

4H and coop

Last week was busy.  We had our first 4H meeting of the year.  Emily and I also spent the night Friday night at my parents, then left at o dark thirty for Columbia (again...my car is getting good at this trip) for Emily to speak in the 4H State Speech contest.  My mom went with us, which was nice as she got to hear Emily speak.  Emily has entered (and won) numerous speaking contest, but it was the first time my mom has been able to hear her.  In a way, it was rather sad, as last year after the contest we went directly to the hospital so that she could show her trophy to her Aunt Debbie, whom we lost to cancer this January. That memory was in the back of our minds all day.  Then back home again.

After a busy week last week, and weekend, today we had our first classroom day at coop.  I am one of the parents in the middle school class.  We have either 7 or 8 students in the class.  Last week, was a field trip week, so this was the first class after (next week will be another field trip).  For our class project, the kids are making a blog.   This will give them some hands on computer and web experience, writing experience and photography.  They will be writing a review of all the field trips we take throughout the semester.  Also, they plan on having some secondary pages that will tie in with our trips or homeschooling.  They also will allow parents to place ads on the site, but we are unsure as to what we will do with the profits yet--possibly an end of semester party, or for a mission.  It was neat to see the kids get excited about making the blog.  It is just in the beginning stages, but you can check out what got done today on it.

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