Friday, August 30, 2013

Poison Ivy and Peaches

My poison ivy has worsened.  I tried to be outside today and it was very very uncomfortable.  It is hot, I sweat, and it really stinks the poison ivy.  I also have it around my eyes, and my eyes are very sensitive to sunlight as of the afternoon.

Gala apples on the tree.  The Jonathans are not ready yet.

This afternoon, Rebecca and I went to Weston to the Red Barn Farm, for a field trip with a bunch of other homeschoolers.  It was hot. Very hot, as in 102 degrees, with heat warnings out.  As a result we didn't stay long.  I was already itching pretty bad, and it got worse being in the heat, and then my eyes really started to bother me.  So, we only picked a few apples and skipped the petting zoo.  But, I found out that the prices of the apples are the same, regardless of if you pick them yourself, or purchase them picked and out of the cooler.  Since it was too hot to pick very many, and I am canning, I went ahead and got a bushel of gala apples and a lug of peaches.  If you go after $2, there are no school groups and admission is free.  For a field trip for younger kids, I highly recommend it.  They also have a nice market-and serve the best apple and peach slushies.

One lug of peaches.  A lug is about 3/4 of a bushel and weighs at least 25 lbs.  Usually its about 50 average sized peaches.  Peaches and grapes are normally sold by lugs, because if they were stacked in a bushel they would smush.  A lug is lower and flatter than a bushel, thus the fruit can't be stacked as deep and smash.

The second out of 4 batches of peaches.  The third is in the canner now.  The husband has been sampling and is impressed with them.  I may have to go back later on for another lug.

First group of cans out of the canner cooling.  I used wide mouth jars on these as some of the peaches were huge.

The apples I will start on tomorrow.  I was going to go to the fire department for school bus training, but with my eyes hurting so badly from light, I don't see how I can be in the sun for 8 hours and see what I am doing.

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