Friday, August 23, 2013

Field Trip Review: Sea Life, Kansas City MO

This morning, Rebecca and I went to Kansas City to visit the new Sea Life Aquarium.  Currently in science she is studying oceanography, so it fit right in.  It was our first visit.

If you order your tickets offline, you save around $4 per ticket.  You need to order your tickets in advance, to reserve your spot, because if they are sold out, they won't let you in.  I would allow about 3 hours to go through the aquarium, longer if you have small children with you.

It wasn't too much walking, and there were plenty of places to sit and rest if you wanted to.  You can take photos, but flash photography is not allowed.  The flash is harmful to the fish.

 Jellyfish.  There are over 2000 types of jellyfish, only 70 types are poisonous to man.

This star fish was in a tank where you could actually touch some of the crab, shrimp, fish and other salt water creatures.
Proof she was hatched!  Rebecca in a turtle egg....
There are several places where you can actually go under the tank, and come up in a bubble in the center, so that the fish swim all around and over where you are.
This guy, was Rebeccas friend.  He was in a large tank, that actually went through several rooms.  He followed her through each of the rooms, and when she would stop, he would stop.  If she changed directions, so did he.  She got a video of him watching her, that is 15 minutes long.  It was kind of fun to watch.

We got home in time to load up the car and head to our monthly 4H meeting.  Early start and late night, but a fun day.

For our next trip, I think we will head to the Nelson Art Gallery.

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