Thursday, August 1, 2013

More food Put up and more coming on

Today I got another couple quarts of hash browns dehydrated and in jars.

This evening, I got several pounds of tomatoes picked, and the veggie beds and pumpkin patch (is it still considered a patch if it is all one huge volunteer plant??) all watered.

I also got one bed all ready to plant, by using my "claw" in it.  I got the heavy duty one (I have a habit of breaking garden tools, so needed the extra sturdy one).  It is so much easier to use than a hoe or shovel.   In the house I have started a flat of lima beans and of peas, for fall harvest.  The lima beans will be ready to put into the ground very soon-either tomorrow or Saturday.  The peas are several days behind the lima beans.

One advantage of raised beds is that you can extend your growing season. They are easy to cover with plastic to turn them into a greenhouse in the early spring and in the fall when frost threatens.  I just use clear painters plastic and a couple of bent cattle panels that my husband cut for me years ago into 3 foot sections for my frames.

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Farming On Faith said...

Hello April~
It is good to catch up with you.
You have been mighty busy.

No~ I did not get to keep the chickens. :(

I am just thankful for God's leading hand in the move but still going to be a big change for us.

Hope you enjoy the rest of summer. Back to school is here again!