Monday, August 19, 2013

Garden, School, Work...all hits at once

Last week was a busy week.  Much busier than usual.

This year, I have 2 in public school, and one homeschooling.  School started last week for the public schools, and continues for the homeschooler (we go year around--makes for shorter days).  I also did 4 days of childcare, and worked 3 days at Kansas Speedway Fire and Rescue, for a total of over 80 hours. But, my childcare is kind of wrapping up since school started, except for a friend that I may be helping a couple days a week for a few weeks as her and her husband have a temporary scheduling conflict between their work schedules, I will have a few more days at the speedway as we still have the October races to go thru, as well as some other events, but, it will also be winding down for the winter.  Speedway days are usually 12 plus hours each, but they are not every day events, so that works well with my schedule.  It is a fun way to pay for our winter propane, which should be delivered tomorrow.

In between all this, I kept on canning. (not to mention the girls had entries in the state fair last week as well).

This morning, Rebecca went out and picked all the ripe tomatoes, and they are in the canner now, adding 9 more jars to the pantry.

My green crab apples are starting to fall from the trees (I have 2 full of apples, the size of a golf ball or a little bigger).  So, tomorrow I will start in on processing apples.  They will go into apple jelly and apple pancake and ice cream syrup.  The red crab apples usually are a few days to a few weeks behind the green ones, so that will be more to can.

Later, I will try and hit one of the orchards a little further north for some apples for apple sauce, rings and pie fillings.  I found some in the orchard directory for Missouri that I may try to go to.

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