Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hours and Apples

Our school year started July 1. We have already logged 386 hours.  So far, we have hours in PE (shooting sports, consisting of archery and .22 and later she will add in her hours spent on team volleyball when that begins.); language arts (this semester is mythology); US history (colonial America for this quarter); math; science (Oceanography); Reading (Classics in Literature); American Sign Language; and Lifeskills (this past month she has been learning to dehydrate and can foods).

This evening the twins helped me and we got some crab apples picked.  Normally my green ones are the size of a golf ball, but this year, about half are the size of a normal sized apple.  I have them cooking down now, and tomorrow will either turn them into apple jelly or apple syrup.
Picking them was a little difficult, as usual the best apples were towards the top of the tree.  So, we did it redneck style, and drove a truck up under the tree and stood in the bed to pick.  It worked well, and was safer than using the ladder.

My red crab apples are not quite ready to pick.  They are much smaller and usually a lot tarter.
Right now I have 3 stock pans of apples cookign down and it sure does smell good in here.  I got about half of one tree picked, and will pick more after this batched is processed.


The Homestead Lady said...

I bet your house smells amazing with those apples cooking!

I saw over on Tami's blog, A Godly Homemaker that you have a propane refrigerator...I have a question, could you tell me what size propane tank you have and about how long it last?...We are looking into a propane refigerator...we have a 500 gallon tank but was thinking of hooking our 100 lb bottle to it and just trying to get an idea how long it would last just running the frige...Thanks for any input!

The Homestead Lady

April said...

Homestead Lady, ours in a full sized one in our RV. We use the small sized bottles on it, and I know it will run for at least 3 weeks at a time on it as that is the longest I have run it. It has a freezer on the top, that also runs off the same bottle. While pulling the RV, it runs off of battery, and a few times I would forget after we parked to change it from battery to propane, and I do know that the battery will run down quickly after the vehicle is turned off, but the propane keeps on going. Our RV uses the propane for the fridge and hotwater (I have never lit the furnace yet) and I honestly think the hotwater heater uses more propane than the fridge.

April said...

Our bottles are the 25 size--with 2 of them hooked up.
Not sure if that helps or not!