Sunday, July 14, 2013

Missouri 4H County Fair .22 contest for Shooting Sports

Saturday night was our county's shooting sport contest for .22 and air rifle for 4-H.

During fair week, we had archery and BB at the Youth Building.  However, the black powder, .22, rifles and pistols can not shoot in town.  So, those events are held later on.

Rebecca took 3rd place.  Next we have the 4H State level shoot in Columbia in September.  This year it will be a little different, as they changed weeks and times.  While Rebecca is shooting, Emily will be in the state speech contest at the other end of Columbia.  Rebecca actually qualified to do the state speech as well, but as she can't be 2 places at the same time, she picked the shooting contest.

Now, since I mentioned the Missouri 4-H shooting sports and speech contest, I will have people being led here by google searching to find the paperwork to turn in.  So, here are your links.

For the 2013 Missouri 4H State Shooting contest in Columbia MO click here.

For the 2013 Missouri Speech Contest in Columbia MO click here.

And, if you are just trying to find a 4H club in Missouri, try here.  4H is for ALL kids, city, and rural.  There are 100's of projects for you to choose from, ranging from cooking, sewing, baking, chickens, cats, dogs, first aid, arts & crafts, electricity, scrapbooking, photography and more.  Also, if you can't find what you want-then pick the "self determined" project, which means you make your own!

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