Monday, July 22, 2013

Homeschool Co-op

NLHF  is back!!!!

(New Life Homeschool Coop)

This was our original coop, close to home.  We lost our building and our dedicated leader has been working hard for 3 years to find us a new location, and she has!!!  We will be meeting in Holt Missouri.  Holt MO is in Clay County, within a mile of Clinton County. Nearby towns include Kearney, Plattsburg, Liberty, Cameron..... To join or get more info, send me a message and I will forward it to her or one of her team.

We had a "spin off" coop for awhile that we belonged to, but our only problem for our family with that one was the distance.  It had many of the same families in it, and same teaching style, but with my part time childcare and other activities, it was sometimes a push to get there.

Wed Jul 17, 2013 10:30 pm (PDT) . Posted by:

"Krista Wine" 

Okay all, words I have waiting YEARS to be able to say to you! NLHF is
back!!!! It will look a bit different than your memories at least to
start with but we have tried to keep much intact. Just think of it as
UPDATED J. Please read this ENTIRE email as there is a ton of info and
questions within! I need response ASAP if at all possible! J

We will be partnering with Northern Hills Christian Academy and their
students will have the option to join in some if not all of our classes!
I'm really excited about this possibility for the opportunities it opens
up for both our groups! For one, we will be able to participate in many
of their school activities such as field trips and perhaps even parties
and etc! One great big opportunity is SPORTS! I'll say it again

They will be starting up junior high and high school level sports
teams this fall and adding as the numbers on the teams grow!
They will
be holding some camps in Aug so be sure to watch for information on
those. I'm sure information for the camps will be at the meeting
tomorrow night as well! One of the best things is that even if you don't
participate in some of the co-op classes you are very welcome to
participate in the sports! In fact ,its encouraged!  

As for the co-op- itself. We will be starting out after labor day with
a 12 week session. It will meet on Tues AND Thurs afternoons from
approx. 12:30 on. (TBA) Yes you can come for just one of the days but
I'm hoping you will want both days so that you can participate in more
things! J We will be starting a Band up again this year so if you have
a student ages 10 and up that has been wanting to be in Concert Band,
get your instruments out! Band will meet both Tues and Thurs so the
students have more opportunities to play however, again, both days will
be optional. By the way, cost will be a bit higher than in the past to
help with needs but not much! We are aiming for about $50 per family
per session of classes and (up to) $10 per class hour. (note: band will
have outside costs of book and of course your instrument that will be
higher than this amount)

We will also have Choir (at this point both days but that may change if
we get more class options) and hopefully drama , some foreign languages
and perhaps computer and photography! Just to name some of the options.
We have a huge list from you of interests and are working from that!

Now, the part I need from you:

We are needing the following to make things flow (unless otherwise
noted, we need to cover both Tues and Thurs)

I will attach the syllabus form to this email. If you are interested,
please return asap. I'm VERY behind on prep on this and they really
wanted to enroll us all tomorrow night but I just didn't make it! I'm
sorry about that, We will have enrollment as soon as possible though so
keep a watch!

Keep in mind that at this point, we only have about 4 hours to work with
and can offer multiple classes but do have to be able to fit into the
area so even if we can't take your classes right now, we may be able to
next round!

Pre-grammar teachers - you can teach one, two or three hours

Early -grammar teachers - one, two or three hours (suggestion might be
five in a row curriculum so there is a theme of the day perhaps)

Teachers for things like: (these would be for Tues OR Thurs your choice
OR both if you would like)

Art (any type- ideas might be recycled art, watercolors, drawing simple
gift making, etc.

PE (could possibly have two separate teachers so it could be offered
both days)

Science classes! We own dissecting tools so if someone would like to
teach it...! J

Foreign languages - Sign is always a big one.

Many other possibles

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April said...

I forwarded your info to them!

April said...

Any more questions, send me a note and I will forward them our director. If your comment contains your email, I will delete it, so all the world wont see it!