Monday, December 17, 2012

King Size Bed

 For several years I have been searching for just the right king sized bed headboard for the master bedroom.  Our home is full of antiques, including our bedroom.  The headboard we currently have isn't antique and stands out.  It also came off the husbands old waterbed,  which we have not had in some time, and so, as most waterbed headboards, it was built to sit on a frame and so it has no legs or stands for support.  We have agreed it needs to go, but unable to find what we like to replace it with.   We tried a couple nights with no headboard, and during the night our pillows disappeared, into the vast emptiness between the bed and the wall.  Som the girls and I rigged up a support for it out of milk crates.  Since they are hidden, it works for now, but its not the ideal situation.  

Now I am thinking we may have to make out out of barn wood, or an old farm door or something,  but we need to find what we want first so we can copy the idea.  We want it to be old fashioned and to preferably have a shelf on each side for our clocks. So, I search pinterest and the country decor magazines.  One day, we will find it.

Meanwhile, I was sent today a photo of the first king sized bed looked like.  Notice it doesn't even have a headboard, or pillows, or quilts, electric blanket, or sheets.  Just a simple bed, for the first and only true king.

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